[News] Mushroom Giant published the official music video for the track “Owls” taken from new album

Australian Instrumental Psychedelic, Progressive/Post-Rock band Mushroom Giant published the official music video for the track “Owls” taken from new album “In A Forest” out on April 28, 2023 via Rue Morgue Records, Dunk!Records, Bird’s Robe Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Being completely vocal-free and just shy of nine and a half minutes long, it’s about as distant from being a commercially viable single as you can imagine. But this band doesn’t care, they just do their thing. And that ‘thing’ is to create powerful, compelling, stoner-influenced instrumental post-rock music. For themselves, more than anything, and then if other people happen to enjoy it, that’s a bonus.

Owls is one of those astute, dextrous pieces of music that manages to be dynamic, to ebb of flow beautifully over the course of its epic length, while still building to a riveting climax. That climax, in this instance, comes at around the six to seven minute mark. When the heavy guitars are roaring, it truly sends shivers through you.” – Rod Whitfield, Sense Music Media (Feb 08, 2022)

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Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://mushroomgiant.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-forest-album

1. Owls (09:26)
2. Vestige (06:20)
3. Earthrise (05:13)
4. Aire River Rapids (03:58)
5. Mountain Ash (05:02)
6. And the Earthly Remains (05:32)
7. The Green Expanse (06:02)


Craig Fryers / Bass, Bowed Bass
Trent Horwood / Drums, Percussion
David Charlton / Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Simon Wade / Guitar, Hammond Organ, Rhodes Piano

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