[News] Norwegian Doom Rockers Kal-El unveil the official music video for new track “Universe”

Norwegian Doom Rockers Kal-El share a music video for the second track off their two-track EP titled “Moon People,” which is scheduled to be released this Friday, September 22nd via Majestic Mountain Records.

Watch the official music video for the track “Universe” through the YouTube player below:

“This big unknown, cold, black vacuum, surrounding us with mysteries, danger, and marvels, has intrigued the earthlings since the dawn of man.¬†Says the band about “Universe.”¬†“Trapped on this one rock out of billions upon billions, we look for answers. Who is out there, what is out there, who are we? But we are not alone, and ultimately we are all, we are one, we are life, we are family ‚Äď we are the Universe. Enjoy, and may the fuzz be with you!”

If you missed it, a music video for the title track is still playing at this location. 

Recorded at Lydplaneten, engineered by Tory Raugstad, produced by Kal-El and mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem, this new EP shows the Stavanger five-piece merging elements of Sci-Fi Space Rock, Fuzzed-out Stoner Rock and Psychedelic Doom, while maintaining a strong proficiency at writing catchy riffs and intoxicating grooves.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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