[News] OJM share full reunion set from Venezia Hardcore Fest 2022

Italian Stoner Rock veterans OJM have published the official live video of the band’s full performance at Venezia Hardcore Fest 2022, recorded at Centro Sociale Rivolta, Marghera, Italy. Watch the whole performance through the YouTube player below:

About OJM:

OJM is an Italian Stoner band from Treviso, founded in 1997 by David Martin and Max Ear. Since the very beginning both the Italian music press and Rock’n’Roll scene show a certain interest toward the band, due to its personal style featuring rough guitars with a psychedelic touch and hints of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, MC5 and Grand Funk Reilroad. As regards their live career, OJM can boast hundreds of gigs and two UK tours, intense and wild performances and the supporting of several legendary bands such as DKT / MC5, Motorpsycho, Brant Bjork, Gorilla, Marlene Kuntz, Hardcore Superstar, Nebula, Josiah, Fleshtones and many more.

David Martin
/ Vocals
Max Ear / Drums
Andrew Pozzy / Bass
Alessandro Tedesco / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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