[News] Opeth publish a video for “Ingen samming är allas”

Opeth have released an animated video for their track “Ingen samming är allas.”

The song in its Swedish version is taken from their last album “In cauda venenum” published on September 2019.

The striking video was created by South African animator and artist Jess Cope and follows “a melancholic and bitter man on the brink of self-destruction and insanity as he delves into a sinister alternate world as reality crumbles around him.”

Cope previously worked with Opeth front man Mikael Åkerfeldt on the video for “Drag Ropes” his “storm Corrosion” collaborations with Steven Wilson.

Opeth are currently preparing to tour Asia and Australia before the end of the end of the year and will head out the road across North America with Graveyard in early 2020.

Åkerfeldt said: “We’re excited to play the ArcTanGent festival in Bristol. Been to Bristol a few times and it’s always a pleasure. It’ll be one of the last festivals we play that summer, so we want to ‘go out with a bang’ and need your help and participation to do so.”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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