[News] Ophis complete recordings for their fifth studio album

German Doomers Ophis have just finished the recording sessions for their next, yet untitled studio album. The fifth full length offering will be comprised of 6 tracks, which are now ready for the mix and mastering. A fall release is expected. More details coming soon.

Statement from the band: “Ye fellow children of the snake, today we finished the recordings for our 5th full-length album in both 3rd A studio and Blastbeat Productions studio. We recorded six songs of raw, nihilistic doom metal, and we are proud AS FUCK!!! No compromises!

Mix and mastering are scheduled for March/April. We have no release date yet, but we expect the record to come out in autumn – we will keep you informed on the progress.

Below the original post from the band’s Official Facebook Page:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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