[News] Overhead unveil the live video for the title-track from new album “Telepathic Minds”

Finnish Progressive Rock band Overhead has unveiled the live video for the title-track from new album “Telepathic Minds,” out on March 31, 2023. Watch the video recoded at Hard Rock House, Helsinki, Finland on 19 May 2023 through the YouTube player below:

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://overheadband.bandcamp.com/album/telepathic-minds


CD 1 (44:55)
01. War to End All Wars (8:43)
02. Ghosts from the Future (12:41) :
– i) Endless Sleep
– ii) Last Chance to Bail
03. Sail Across the Universe (8:22)
04. The Pilot’s Not Fit to Fly (9:19)
05. Sleep Tight Sweetheart (5:50)

CD 2 (44:10)
06. Telepathic Minds (17:18) :
– i) Hypnotized
– ii) Random Honesty
– iii) Telepathic Minds
– iv) Back in Time
– v) Reprise: Home Again
07. Tuesday That Never Came (4:04)
08. Planet of Disorder (7:18)
09. Sheep Stay Silent (7:45)
10. Almost Always Near the End (7:45)


Alex Keskitalo / Vocals, Flute
Jaakko Kettunen / Guitars
Ville Sjöblom / Drums
Janne Katalkin / Bass
Jere Saarainen / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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