[News] Portuguese musician Rodrigo Leão announces “O Método” and release first single

Acclaimed Portuguese pianist and composer Rodrigo Leão has announced the release of his new album titled “O Método,” set for release on October 23, 2020 on BMG Spain.

O Método” combines ambience and delicate electronics. The album is Leão’s latest collaboration with Italian composer Federico Albanese and Efterklang’s singer Caspar Clausen.

For “O Método,” Rodrigo and his production team João Eleutério & Pedro Oliveira turned to Federico Albanese and his ‘method’ looking for a minimalist style that allowed for an innocent and spacious feel to the arrangements. Rodrigo didn’t want the songs to use an existing language, rather retain an abstraction by making up words. Except for the songs “The Boy Inside” sung by Clasper Clausen of Efterklang and “O Cigarro” sung in Russian by Viviena Tupikova, all of the non-instrumental songs follow this philosophy. Rodrigo’s own daughter Sofia sings on “A Bailarina,” a gentle, uplifting lullaby sung in fore-mentioned made-up language. Rodrigo illustrated the video of the same song and also drew the album’s gorgeous covers.

Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese composer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist who was a member of groundbreaking folk band Madredeus and has collaborated with Scott Matthew, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Beth Gibbons & Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon.

O Método” is available from Amazon

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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