[News] Post-metal goldsmiths Ingrina release epic new track “Ice Flares” and share the official visualizer

French Post-Metal and Doomgaze craftsmen Ingrina release their anticipated new single “Ice Flares” on all streaming platforms via Medication Time Records and  Tant Rêver Du Roi. Watch the official visualizer through the YouTube player below:

️ Stream new single “Ice Flares” here: https://bfan.link/ice-flares

Propelled by two drummers, three guitars and overall ghostly vocals, Ingrina are the architects of an unstoppable maelstrom of Post-Metal, Shoegaze and Post-Hardcore that invokes metaphysical concepts, geological and oceanic tales, and larger-than-life civilizational nightmares. 

About their new epic “Ice Flares,” Ingrina comments: “Ice Flares’ tells a story of lives and phenomenons lost in a cyclical infinite amber, trapped in endless loops, suddenly discovering a possible future… Since the repeated submersions, the systematic abandonment faced with colonisations, and the inevitable emergence of carceral civilizations, a time finally emerges towards the unknown, the indeterminate. From the deaths of water and minerals to an unpredictable fire. ‘Ice Flares’ draws on the allegories of Siste Lys and Etter Lys (one’s beginning is the other’s end), suggesting an exit through the flames.”

Ice Flares” was recorded and mixed by Ingrina, and mastered by Thibault Chaumont. Artwork was designed by SynckopCatch the band on their upcoming French tour dates:

12.05 – Limoges (FR) CCM John Lennon
09.06 – Strasbourg (FR) Molodoï
10.06 – Lyon (FR) Le Farmer
06.10 – Paris (FR) Le Cirque Electrique
07.10 – Pacé (FR) Les Lunatiques Festiva
04.11 – Tulle (FR) Les Lendemains Qui Chantent

New single “Ice Flares” available now on all streaming platforms via À Tant Rêver Du Roi & Medication Time Records here: https://bfan.link/ice-flares

Ingrina is the name of a remembrance, of a sensation of vital ecstasy that this civilization seeks to make the living forget. It is also the name of an escape. The one rushing towards less hostile underworlds in which time itself is overtaken. Ingrina is the swaying experience of unfinished yet longed-for desertion. (Over) populated with three guitars and ghostly vocals, Ingrina strives to convey the melancholy caught between everything that is collapsing and what is beginning to emerge.

Etter Lys,” their debut album, describes the ordeal that life forms undergo when met with total colonization in the form of flows and streams: the liquidation of landmarks, the dissolution of knowledge, and finally abandonment, followed by… emergence. “Siste Lys,” their second effort, picks up pieces of the previous album, depicting the reappearance of the jailers, the walls and the present. This dark veil conceals movement, and makes the last rays of light an ecstasy, the memory of which will have to fight to persist.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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