[News] Prog Metal act Phase Transition released their brand new single from “Your Guide”

Portuguese Prog quartet Phase Transition have released the official music video for their new single “Your Guide.” Watch the official video through the Youtube player below:

The lyrics are part in Portuguese and part in English. The Portuguese part expresses the sorrow and pain that was felt by the subject, which affirms this is the time to move on and leave all these feelings and their cause in the past. The chorus emphasizes this message of hope to inspire and guide the change, justifying the title of the music, “Your Guide.”

A revolution in the band’s sound, mixing a modern production style with a Symphonic, larger-than-life, catchy yet groovy approach to Prog Metal. A perfect fit for any Prog playlist.

Phase Transition was born in Porto, Portugal. It is composed by the drummer Fernando Maia, the guitarist Luís Dias, Zé Pereira on the bass, and Sofia Beco, on violin and vocals.

The band combines influences ranging from classical music to technical progressive metal, as a result of the eclectic backgrounds of the members.

They started at university, in the middle of their studies for exams, with Dream Theater covers. While trying to pass their courses, they managed to release their first EP called “Relatively Speaking,” in 2020. Since then, they are playing in several venues like HardClub and festivals such as Comendatio Music fest.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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