[News] Prog Metal mainstays Imminent Sonic Destruction release acoustic version of “Solitude”

Imminent Sonic Destruction, Michigan’s preeminent prog metal anchors, are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their third studio album “The Sun Will Always Set” by releasing an acoustic version of the song “Solitude.” This stripped-down reimagining of the track presented the band with the opportunity to explore unfamiliar territory and offer their fans a different side of ISD.

Commenting on the events that led to this new version of “Solitude,” Tony Piccoli (guitar, vocals) says:

“One weekend in March, the band, producer Nick Hagen and videographer Pat Griffin all gathered at The Fountain of Youth studio (our personal rehearsal/recording studio) to record an acoustic rendition of ‘Solitude’. We had a rough framework of what we wanted the song to sound like, so we didn’t go in completely blind, but we left ourselves a little creative wiggle room, which ended up being what you’ll hear today…a stripped down, nearly bare bones and ‘chilled out’ version of ‘Solitude’. Piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums, vocals. Synth strings make an appearance at the ‘heavy’ part of the song.”

Along with this new version of the track, ISD has dropped a performance video for the acoustic version of “Solitude”They add: “The video captures us in our studio playing the song live, with a few individual takes mixed in and small scenes of us just enjoying being there and recording. We wanted the video to kind of reflect what this version of the song is, and that’s more of a bare-bones approach to one of our favorite songs from ‘The Sun Will Always Set’.”

Watch the Video for “Solitude (Acoustic)” through the YouTube player below:

Originally formed in 2007 as “mellotrön”, Imminent Sonic Destruction has maintained their original lineup which includes: Pat DeLeon on drums, Pete Hopersberger on keyboards & vocals, Bryan Paxton on bass & vocals, Tony Piccoli on guitar & vocals, and Scott Thompson on guitar & Vocals. Imminent Sonic Destruction’s influences range from Genesis, Devin Townsend, Rush, and King’s X, to Pantera, Dream Theater, and Meshuggah.

In 2012 I.S.D. paired up with producer/guitarist ROY Z (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Tribe of Gypsies) and recorded their first full-length album “Recurring Themes.” The album led the band to their first national tour, pairing up with Sweden’s Pain of Salvation and Italy’s Kingcrow. In 2015 they were offered the opportunity to tour with progressive metal legends Fates Warning, which they acted on, gaining lifelong hardcore fans along the way. In 2016 Imminent Sonic Destruction’s second release, a concept album called “Triumphia,” which featured songs like “The Fog,” and the 23-minute epic “Arborous Calm.” The album turned the prog metal world on its head and led to a tour with Norway’s Circus Maximus, and a co-headlining run with NYC’s Edensong.

A number of years and one pandemic later, I.S.D. would release their third full-length album, “The Sun Will Always Set” in the Spring of 2022. The new album was produced by Nick Hagen, guitarist of Michigan-based Progressive Metal band Entransient. With Nick at the helm, I.S.D. was able to fully actualize the new album with intention. “The Sun Will Always Set” features the heavy riffs, non-standard arrangements, and vocals you’ve come to expect from ISD, but in fresh new contexts. The record features guest appearances from guitarist Tony Asta of Battlecross, cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne of Leprous, vocalist Lady Luna from Lady Luna and the Devil, and vocalist Kevin Wroebel of Dragged Beneath.


Peter Hopersberger / Vocals, Keyboard
Tony Piccoli / Vocals, Guitar
Scott Thompson / Guitar
Pat DeLeon / Drum
Bryan Paxton / Bass, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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