[News] Psych Prog Jammers The Legendary Flower Punk announce new “Beatroot 2020” LP

The Legendary Flower Punk started in 2012 as an obscure side project of Kamille Sharapodinov, guitarist of established Russian Heavy Psych Proggers The Grand Astoria. The unique sound of the Russian trio combines pure Psychedelic Rock with Classic Prog Rock elements.

Having lost a full year of touring due to the pandemic, The Legendary Flower Punk is now back with a new collection of tracks as a limited edition vinyl titled “Beatroot 2020,” out March 25, 2022 on Tonzonen Records.

Kamille Sharapodinov on the new limited LP release: “Our spring 2020 tour was cancelled (16 gigs in 18 days) due to pandemic of this new nasty virus and that was a real bummer for a small and independent band like The Legendary Flower Punk cos we had planned it for a long time and spent more than eight months booking it. But trying to stay positive we came with an elegant solution! Literally in the last hours before quarantine and self- isolation we gathered in our rehearsal room, set the recording rig and then jammed and jammed and jammed. Afterwards our sound engineer Igor (a real hero!) mixed and mastered everything and we cut the whole thing into 16 sets (by the number of shows we were going to play).

The New LP Beatroot 2020 is a compilation of the finest moments of that jam sessions.

You can find each show at a special live bandcamp page and download them all: http://theflowerpot.bandcamp.com


  1. Wabi Wu
  2. White Magick Zen
  3. Christmas Zen
  4. Urban Zen
  5. Party Zen
  6. Every Now And Zen
  7. Trance Fusion På Psyka
  8. Earthquake Zen (Digital)
  9. Subway Zen (Digital)
  10. Beatroot 2020 (Digital)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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