[News] Purple Records to release Gillan: Back In The Game – Live (1978-1982), 6xCD

Ian Gillan is best known for fronting the classic Mk 2 line-up of Deep Purple. After quitting Deep Purple in July 1973, the singer initially began making new music with the Jazz Rock of the Ian Gillan Band, before taking a more direct, Hard Rock direction with the band Gillan in 1978. This collection presents a generous slice of the music Gillan made and performed live between 1978 and 1982.

Kicking off with Live at The Marquee 1978 (CD1), featuring long standing Gillan members John McCoy on bass and Colin Towns on keyboards, joined by guitarist Steve Byrd and drummer Pete Barnacle. With a rare guest appearance from Gillan’s Deep Purple band-mate, none other than Ritchie Blackmore. Ever since Deep Purple recorded “Made In Japan” in 1972 Ian Gillan has enjoyed a huge amount of popularity in the Far East. In a set similar to the Marquee show, Live in Tokyo 1978 (CD2), recorded at the Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall in Japan, captures Gillan before an appreciative Japanese crowd.

By the time that Gillan released 1980’s “Glory Road,” the band could comfortably sell out major venues across the UK. Now joined by Bernie Tormé on guitar and Mick Underwood on drums, the classic Gillan line-up was born and captured on Live at Hammersmith 1980 (CD3). Recorded while promoting 1981’s “Future Shock” album, Live in Aachen 1981 (CD4) was recorded at Eurogress, Aachen, Germany on 17th June 1981, and is notable for capturing Bernie Tormé’s last recorded show with Gillan.

Bernie Tormé was replaced in 1981 by former White Spirit and future Iron Maiden guitar-slinger, Janick Gers. Gers was a big Blackmore fan, so Deep Purple’s hit single “Black Night” was a welcome addition to the Magic tour when Gillan played Live at Glasgow’s Apollo Theatre in Scotland on 6th November 1982, captured here on Live in Glasgow 1982 (CD5).

Such was Gillan’s appeal in the UK that by 1982’s Magic, they could fill arenas at home. Live at Wembley 1982 (CD6) recorded at Wembley Arena, London, 17th December 1982 would be Gillan’s final show, as the band would disband shortly after when the singer initially joined Black Sabbath before taking part in Deep Purple’s much anticipated 1984 reunion.

PLEASE NOTE: While every effort has been made to produce the best possible audio, limitations in material drawn from various, non-standard sources means that the quality of some of these recordings may not be up to the standard usually expected. All tracks have been included for their historical importance, and to present a unique perspective of Gillan live on stage, in concert, between 1978 and 1982.

• Six live sets from the legendary Ian Gillan on 6xCDs recorded between 1978 and 1982. With six bonus tracks.

• FOR FANS OF: Deep Purple

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Live at The Marquee 1978 Recorded at The Marquee Club, London, 27th December 1978

1 Secret Of The Dance
2 I’m Your Man
3 Child In Time
4 Message In A Bottle
5 So Low
6 Dead Of Night
7 Back In The Game
8 Tokyo Flight
9 Smoke On The Water
10 Woman From Tokyo
11 Lucille

Live in Tokyo 1978
Recorded at Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall, Japan, 23rd October 1978

1 I’m Your Man
2 Child In Time
3 Bringing Joanna Back
4 Abbey Of Thelema
5 Flute On
6 So Low
7 Dead Of The Night
8 Message In A Bottle
9 Fighting Man
10 Back In The Game
11 Tokyo Flight
12 Smoke On The Water

Live at Hammersmith 1980 Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London, 14th October 1980

1 Second Sight
2 Unchain Your Brain
3 Are You Sure
4 Mr. Universe
5 Trouble
6 On The Rocks
7 Running, White Face, City Boy
8 Vengeance
9 Torment
10 Smoke On The Water Bonus Tracks (Audience Recording)
11 Underwater Solo Sonic
12 No Easy Way
13 Thunderwood
14 If You Believe Me

Live in Aachen 1981 Recorded at Eurogress, Aachen, Germany, 17th June 1981

1 No Laughing In Heaven
2 Bite The Bullet
3 No Easy Way
4 Thunderwood
5 Trouble
6 If You Believe Me
7 On The Rocks
8 Vengeance
9 Tormé’s Last Stand
10 Smoke On The Water
11 New Orleans 12 Lucille

Live in Glasgow 1982 Recorded at the Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, 6th November 1982

1 What’s The Matter?
2 Blusey Blue Sea
3 Black Night
4 Trouble
5 Born To Kill
6 M.A.D.
7 Hadely Bop Bop
8 No Laughing In Heaven
9 Smoke On The Water
Bonus Tracks: Schwabinger Brau Munich, Germany, 29th June 1981
10 No Easy Way
11 If You Believe Me

Live at Wembley 1982 Recorded at Wembley Arena, London, 17th December 1982

1 Second Sight
2 What’s The Matter
3 Bluesy Blue Sea
4 Black Night
5 Trouble
6 Born To Kill
7 M.A.D.
8 Hadely Bop Bop
9 Dead Of Night
10 Thunderwodd
11 Bite The Bullet
12 Gers Guitar Medley Volume 11
13 Smoke On The Water
14 New Orleans
15 Towns Toons
16 Helter Skelter

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