[News] Raised By Haze published the single “Freedom” taken from their upcoming debut album

Guitarist Gabriele Robotti explains the new single β€œFreedom” in further detail:

Freedom” is more than just a song – it’s a journey into the core of Raised By Haze‘s musical philosophy. The lyrics, masterfully crafted by Valentina, delve into personal experiences and perspectives on life. In the track, my influences related to American Rock from the ’90s and 2000s emerge, from Alice In Chains to Alter Bridge to Linkin Park, with the progressive vein surfacing in the song’s 7/4 time signature special section”

Raised By Haze has once again proven that their innovative approach to music-making knows no bounds. The fusion of genres and the seamless integration of diverse musical elements in “Freedom” sets the stage for a listening experience that is both refreshing and exhilarating.

Stream the track here: https://bfan.link/RBHfreedom
Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/1zT8nOzS0U4

Founded by the visionary guitarist Gabriele Robotti and featuring the soulful vocals of Valentina TesioRaised By Haze‘s first full-length promises to be a musical journey like no other, embodying the essence of the band.

“Touch The Sky” offers a mesmerizing blend of Soul music, Heavy Metal, R&B and Progressive Rock, promising to captivate listeners with its genre-defying sound. The album was conceived as a reflection of all of Robotti’s musical influences, aiming to weave a common thread through the diverse musical worlds that have inspired him.

β€œThe foundational matrix for this album is arguably progressive rock and metal, with Dream Theater being the band that ignited my passion for playing the guitar during my childhood. However, the primary objective I set for myself with this album was to amalgamate all my influences, spanning from bands like Pink Floyd and Linkin Park to Pantera and Alter Bridge, and from classic 70s rock to modern progressive metal (including Opeth, Periphery, and Between The Buried And Me). Along the way, I ventured into various other musical territories.” adds Robotti.

While “Touch The Sky” is not a concept album, the lyrics, mostly penned by Valentina, draw heavily from personal experiences and the band’s unique perspectives on life and various situations. It can be said that the music serves as an artistic representation of their outlook on life, while the lyrics mirror Valentina’s experiences. The songs you hear are the culmination of this creative journey.

Touch The Sky” is due out November 17, 2023 from Rockshots Records and is available for album Ore-Order at 

01. First Side – 3:48
02. Burn It Up – 3:49
03. Feeling Myself ft. Derek Sherinian – 5:43
04. Freedom – 3:16
05. So Hot Right Now – 3:02
06. God Ki – 5:17
07. Prediction – 4:32
08. Touch The Sky – 6:03
09. Post Credits Scene – 2:10

Album Length: 37:44
​Album Credits:​
Music By Gabriele Robotti
Lyrics By Valentina Tesio
Valentina Tesio / Vocals
Gabriele Robotti / Guitars
Leonardo Barbierato / Bass
Marco Ferraris / Drums
All main Keyboards on the album by Mauro Mugiati
Additional Keyboards on β€œFirst Side” and β€œPost Credit Scene” by Antonio Agate
Additional Keyboards on β€œBurn It Up” by Giancarlo Sansone
Additional Keyboards and guest solos on β€œFeeling Myself” by Derek Sherinian
Guest Guitar solo on β€œGod Ki” by Federico β€œMarax” Maraucci
Saxophone on β€œTouch The Sky” by Gianni Robotti
Electronic Beat on β€œPost Credit Scene” by Federico β€œMarax” Maraucci
Recorded by Federico Pennazzato at Truck Me Hard Studios β€“ Alessandria, IT
Mixed and Mastered by Aldo Lonobile at Truck Me Hard Studios β€“ Alessandria, IT
Artwork, Art Direction and Photographs by Corinne Cirulli β€“ Elusiv Studio

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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