[News] Renaissance Records reissue Crack The Sky “Crack Attick” onto vynil

Crack The Sky is undoubtedly the best progressive rock band that you’ve most likely never heard of, unless you we’re living in Baltimore in the 70’s. The band was formed in the early 1970’s in West Virginia. It would be several years before they would release their debut self titled album, Crack The Sky in 1975. Rolling Stone declared this album the ‘debut album of the year’ and the publication later went on to compare Crack The Sky to the talents of Steely Dan. This review set the bar high for the band.

Though the band never saw the same success as the first album. The band continues to perform and release albums to this day. On January 15, 2021 they released their 19th studio album “Tribes.”

Renaissance Records has announced that they will be reissuing “Crack Attic” by Crack The Sky this June of 2021 onto deluxe 180-gram vinyl with a gate fold. This ‘Best of Crack The Sky‘ is a compilation album of the first five studio albums from 1975 to 1980. It will include featured tracks, ‘Hold On,’ ‘Surf City,’ ‘Nuclear Apathy,’and ‘Sea Epic.’ It will also include trading cards of the original band members that come with the album when you purchase it exclusively with Renaissance Records.

Crack Attic by Crack The Sky is available now for pre-order from renaissancerecordsus.com.

LP One
Side 1

  1. Hold On
  2. Surf City
  3. She’s A Dancer
  4. Mind Baby
    Side 2
  5. Ice
  6. We Want Mine
  7. Maybe I Can Fool Everyone
  8. Ranger’s At Midnight
    LP Two
    Side 1
  9. Invaders From Mars
  10. Nuclear Apathy
  11. Long Nights
  12. Lighten Up McGraw
    Side 2
  13. White Music
  14. Hot Razors In My Hearts
  15. Poptown
  16. Flaming Prelude/ Too Nice For That

About Renaissance Records
Founded in 1993 by former Aerospace Engineer John W. Edwards who had a passion for music and
a new idea to form a recording label. He focused on the reissuing of Classic Rock and Classic Country LPs on CD for the first time. Renaissance Records soon signed licensing deals with EMI-Capitol, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and BMG/RCA/Arista. The record label has released recordings from artists such as Rick Springfield, Pure Prairie League, Blue Oyster Cult, Gamma, Roxy Music and Judas Priest.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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