[News] Roadburn adds new venue for curated Jazz & Avant-Garde programme

Roadburn has announced a new venue for the 2022 edition of the festival, which takes place April 21-24 this year. The renowned and respected Jazz club Paradox will host a programme of artists across the four days of the festival, which highlights the more Experimental and Avant-Garde artists in the Roadburn realm.

Bartho van Straaten, artistic director of Paradox comments:
“As a venue for innovating and adventurous improvised music, Paradox is thrilled to start this new collaboration with Roadburn, a festival that approached music with the same open-minded attitude. The program of Paradox and Roadburn definitely has an overlap, so it will be interesting to present common grounds by curating the Paradox stage together, and share our musical thoughts in redefining heaviness.”

With just a few more bands, art exhibitions and the side programme still to announce for Roadburn 2022, the jam-packed line up will have something for every visitor with a curiosity for Heavy music.

Some names for the Paradox programme may be familiar to Roadburners already… We have invited Dirk Serries to be an Artist in Residence across all four days of the festival. He will perform in a different incarnation each day (Kristoffer Lo & Dirk SerriesTONUSYODOK IIIMartina Verhoeven Quintet) – showcasing his versatility and limitless imagination for jazz and its adjacent genres.

Autarkh III – the Experimental-based off-shoot of Autarkh – performed at Roadburn Redux and will now return to the Roadburn stage to do it all again in front of a live audience.

ZAÄAR was born as an offshoot of neo-psychedelic cosmos-dwellers Neptunian Maximalism, which combines tribal rhythms, Prog Rock, Ambient Soundscapes and much more.

Red Kite were due to join Roadburn in 2020, and we’re delighted to have found a fitting space for them in the 2022 line up where they can conjure their white hot Prog-Psych-Jazz blitz into reality.

Het Concreet feature the recently crowned City Composer of Tilburg, Mathijs Leeuwis among their ranks. The title gives a clue to the important creative work he and his fellow bandmates are capable of. Their combined talents will create a compelling Electro-Acoustic experiment featuring tape loops, deep vocals and sizzling percussion.

Dans Dans combine cerebral Pop compositions with the impulsive, adventurous nature of Jazz to great critical acclaim, despite being difficult to categorise as they straddle genres and seek to reinterpret the parameters of their art.

Pulled By Magnets will be making the trek over from London to bring their Jazz-Metal-Ambient-classical hybrid to us at Roadburn. They create music so rife with possibility, and on such a cinematic scale, that it feels almost impossible for a three-piece unit to create, and yet…

PoiL Ueda combine Francophile prog rock with traditional Japanese Folk to thrilling effect. John Ghost will crowd the stage with their sweeping, propulsive grooves, whilst Albatre will bring their Freejazz/Noise/Metal stylings to Paradox. And closing out the festival will be Schnellertollermeier – a Swiss Experimental rock trio that has immense attention to detail and Avant-Garde quirks.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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