[News] Samsara Joyride sign with Tonzonen Records and announce new album for 2024

Welcome to Tonzonen Records. We are happy to welcome Samsara Joyride, a hopeful and dedicated band at Tonzonen Records. The Viennese band has already released an EP and a complete album on their own, which was very well received in the scene. With their mixture of Stoner Rock, Classic Rock plus occasional Blues elements and fitting vocals, the band meets our and hopefully your taste.
A new album is planned for 2024 via Tonzonen Records, distributed by Soulfood Music.

In early 2020, Michael Haumer (guitar, vocals) and Florian Miehe (guitar, vocals) started jamming about Blues and Rock ideas in a living room in Vienna’s 17th district. Only a few months later the home-produced EP “Stranger” was released and as a result the formation was expanded to include Daniel Batliner on bass and Andreas Mittermühlner on drums and samsara Joyride was born.

Right from the start, the four Viennese focused on a fusion of the Classic Rock sounds of the 70s and 90s, with the band moving freely between Blues, Psych and Stoner Rock. Catchy, hypnotizing riffs, interspersed with euphoric guitar solos and striking baritone vocals determine the songs – a game between the tried and tested and the experimental, between repetitions and turns, always following their own idea of ​​timeless (Rock) music.

The first studio album “Samsara Joyride” was released in October 2022 and has already received good feedback from the press and fans.

At the time of release, the band had already collected enough ideas to work on another LP. In the new material, the Stoner and Progressive Rock influences in particular have been deepened and the songwriting has been refined. The recording of the second LP started in April 2023 together with the Viennese producer Hannes Mottl.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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