[News] San Leo released the second single “Futura 2000” taken from their upcoming new album

Italian Cosmic couriers San Leo releases the second single “Futura 2000” taken from new album “Aves Rares” to be released November 17th, 2023 on Bronson Recordings.

Purchase and Stream the track here: https://li.sten.to/futura2000

Futura 2000” hits like an interstellar trip, showcasing an unheard side of¬†San Leo‚Äôs Experimental attitude, even more mysterious yet playful at the same time. Relying more on samples than heavy-hitting guitars, the band pushes deeper into the radical rhythmical concept of the album, shifting the focus towards geometrical abstraction. Enriched by the mixing touch of sonic mastermind¬†Francesco Donadello, the piece (titled after pioneer graffiti artist Futura 2000) flows between psychedelic layers of Carpenter-esque synthesizers and tape manipulation, drilling tribal grooves and tension-filled build-ups.

Italian Cosmic couriers¬†San Leo¬†return with fifth album, “Aves Raras“: a resounding statement of intent, arguably their most accomplished and well-rounded effort so far.¬†The usual ingredients that constitute their unique ‚Äėmantra core/trance noise‚Äô sound are all here – hectic drumming that pulls no punches and leaves no respite, ecstatic guitar crescendos, reflective stasis, eschatological drones – only this time, everything is driven to the nth degree. Since its inception in 2013, the duo has been adding ever more layers to an increasingly rich and wide range of textures, simultaneously unveiling a stronger and stronger cinematic feel, adjacent to and resonant with their favorite visions (from 40s noir to 80s horror, from old and new western to sci- fi from anywhere, and everything in between).¬†Clocking in at around 38 minutes, “Aves Raras” has got it all: analog slags, tribal ritual music as if it were composed and conducted by H.P. Lovecraft, wicked guitar riffs, shimmering layers of synths.

Aves Raras” was recorded by¬†Andrea Scardovi¬†at¬†Duna Studio. Drums recorded by¬†Yuri Pierini¬†at¬†Blue Audio Studio. Additional recording by¬†San Leo. Mixed by¬†Francesco Donadello¬†(Grammy and Emmy-winning producer and sound engineer; he worked with musicians such as J√≥hann J√≥hannsson¬†and¬†Hildur Gu√įnad√≥ttir) at¬†Kalimba Studio¬†and¬†Synecdoche Music Research, Berlin. Mastered by¬†Giovanni Versari¬†at¬†La Maest√†¬†(Muse).

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://sanleo.bandcamp.com/album/aves-raras


01. Aries
02. J!oy
03. Futura 2000
04. Al.Ay

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