[News] Scott Reeder (Fu Manchu) debuts solo project Jacket Thief and reveal firstsingle from debut album

Notable Southern California bred multi-instrumentalist and Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder has taken the plunge into solo waters with his new project Jacket Thief. The revered musician’s upcoming debut album, β€œLights Out On The Shore,” was born out of studio sessions with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Ryan Mall (Dropkick Murphys, Old Crow Medicine Show, Gaslight Anthem), where Reeder cultivated his vision, bringing together his Desert Rock roots with melodic, acoustic, Psychedelic and heartland Rock influences. β€œLights Out On The Shore,” will be released on September 29th, 2023 on his own TripKey Records.

Commenting on the record, Reeder says:

β€œThis is a record that I wanted to do for a long while, and then different circumstances conspired so that it was more like I had to do it, I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Jacket Thief’s debut is a Melodic and Soulful Rock album with an engaging flow throughout, from the heavy crash of β€œSome Kind Of Murder” and ”A Stitch In Time,” to the leaden throb of β€œDaylight Apparitions” and the drop-tuned Drone of the title track β€œLights Out On The Shore.”

Today, Reeder has released the first taste of Jacket Thief’s β€œLights Out On The Shore,” with the single β€œTLFN.”

Adding about the song, Reeder states:

β€œβ€˜TLFN’ is a song co written by friend and singer songwriter Micheal Rosas. It’s been around for a while in different guises. It has a bit of a heavy strut to it and the lyrics remain pretty much to the point…’is this what I think it is, or is it something else?’ In this case, it’s straight forward 4 on the floor rock-n roll with a blistering fuzzed out solo from Bob Balch.”

Watch the official music video for the first single “TLFN” through the YouTube player below:

Started in the Winter of 2021 and completed in early 2023, β€œLights Out On The Shore” is a 12 song cycle written and performed by Scott Reeder, drummer of the band Fu Manchu. Having treaded many stages and studios over the past 22 years laying the foundation for the titans of β€œfuzz-wah” Rock over 5 studio releases and playing live with artists as varied as Orianthi and Social Distortion, Scott has stretched into a melodic heavy and lyrically dense area of songwriting, rich in harmony and memorable riffs.

Collaborating with Grammy winning producer/engineer Ryan Mall (Dropkick Murphys, Old Crow Medicine Show/Gaslight Anthem), Reeder played all the instruments on the album and sings all vocals. Fu Manchu bandmate, Bob Balch, contributes lead guitars on all tracks except β€œEverything But Right” and the album closer, β€œAs She Drifts,” which feature contributions from Mitchell Townsend (Matt Costa/Jack Johnson).

Stream β€œTLFN” and Pre-Order β€œLights Out On The Shore”: https://linktr.ee/jacketthiefmusic


  1. Flying Too Low
  2. TLFN
  3. A Stitch In Time
  4. Lights Out On The Shore
  5. Furs And Fires
  6. Lord Meade Lane
  7. A Wind Gone By
  8. Some Kind Of Murder
  9. The First Ones From The Skies
  10. Everything But Right
  11. Daylight Apparitions
  12. As She Drifts…

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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