[News] Serpentyne release a lyric video for “Lady Serpentyne”

“Lady Serpentyne” is the first lyric video, taken from the new Serpentyne album:
“Angels of the Night” – released in November 2019 via Hell Fairy Records.
Video editing and motion graphics by Caz Digital
Black Medusa painting by Marc Potts

Words and music: Maggiebeth Sand
Inspired by a poem on the Medusa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Gazing upon the midnight sky
Close to the cloudy mountain peak she’ll lie
Lands beneath her gaze are all a-tremble
Her horror and her beauty both divine

On lips and eyelids seem to lie
Love like a shadow, from within a shrine.
Fiery, lurid, struggling for the final breath,
Come agonies of anguish and of death

I’ll close my eyes Medusa,
For your face is so divine,
Don’t turn my heart into a stone
Oh, my Lady Serpentyne!

And from her head you’ll see them grow
Hairs which are vipers, as they curl and flow
Yet it’s less the horror than the beauty and the grace
Now petrifying those who see her face

I’ll close my eyes Medusa,
For your face is so divine,
Don’t take my heart Medusa
Oh, my Lady Serpentyne!

I saw your eyes Medusa,
And your face was so divine
My heart of stone is yours now
Oh My Lady Serpentyne!

Serpentyne combines a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Viking Blood, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d’ Arc, The Dark Queen, Lady Macbeth, Angel of the Night, and Medusa amongst many others.

Order Album from: http://www.serpentyne.bandcamp.com

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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