[News] Sigur Rós are back with new track and video “Blóðberg”

Sigur Rós have released their first brand new song since multi-instrumentalist Kjartan “Kjarri” Sveinsson rejoined the band. The single “Blóðberg,” comes with a video by Johan Renck. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Sigur Rós made “Blóðberg” with the London Contemporary Orchestra and conductor Robert Ames. The band co-produced the track with Paul Corley.

In a statement about his video, Renck said: “I feel as nihilistic as one could regarding the future. We are powerless against our own stupidities. Some aspects of this came to merge with my impressions of the themes of ‘Blóðberg.’ The music becoming a score to my own miserable thoughts, giving them beauty as only music can.

Sveinsson departed Sigur Rós in the early 2010s, not long before the band released its most recent studio album, “Kveikur.” The musician’s return to Sigur Rós was announced last year.

Later this month, Sigur Rós begin their tour featuring a 41-piece orchestra. The band is planning to play new songs during the shows. A new album has been mooted to arrive in June.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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