[News] Snippet Upper Laser published the guitar playthrough video for “Unfortunate” from new album

Cologne’s boldest Modern Prog export Snippet Upper Laser are releasing their debut album “Ever Changing Times.” This 70-minute long powerboard appears on double vinyl and, of course, digitally. The title originally referred to the changing time signatures in their music. But, that was before all that madness happened. The world stumbled into a pandemic and turned our views of work and life and death upside down. The climate crisis tangibly tightened the noose around our necks. A new war started in Europe. During the same time, both band members had to deal with personal losses. Life feels different now. The times are really changing all the time.

The band published the official guitar playthrough video for the track “Unfortunate,” watch it through the YouTube player below:

Influences for the album:

The influences for this record are probably the sum of all the things we listen to. Chris is mainly influenced by Prog Metal bands plus a whole parade of tech influencers who showcase their mad skills on social media. To a certain degree, this choice of music overlaps with Nik‘s. But, Nik also stirs into the mix all sorts of Electronic Music, Pop, Film Scores, and other weird stuff. This, in turn, overlaps to some degree with what Chris can at least accept. This crude mix, plus a lot of living-in-the-moment and letting-coincidence-happen, are pretty much the blueprint of the album.


Snippet Upper Laser play Kickass Instrumental Prog. Guitar, drums, synths. Melodies, musician jokes, mosh pit. Driving, atmospheric, catchy. Like an action movie with romantic drama and a cap of slapstick on wide screen. Or as Ronnie WPRD, curator of the YouTube channel WherePostRockDwells puts it: “So fresh and bizarre and unique in every aspect! Really digging the tunes.

Following 2019’s EP “Pathetic Toneless Obsessions,” their debut album “Ever Changing Times” came out in May 2023 as an almost 70-minute long power board on double vinyl and digitally. Hold on to your hats!

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://snippetupperlaser.bandcamp.com/album/ever-changing-times

Track Listing:
1. Ever Changing Times
2. Sound An
3. Distort Me
4. Glade
5. Water Rising
6. My First Assignment (feat. John Nelson)
7. Unfortunate
8. Tangent
9. She Moved Here
10. Yellow Jackets

Band Lineup:
Chris Dissel / Guitar, Programming
Niklas Koehn / Drums, Programming

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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