[News] Solstice to release “Light Up” in glorious gatefold coloured vinyl via GEP

Taken from the band’s official newsletter:

We’re delighted to report that “Light Up” is now available from GEP in glorious gatefold coloured vinyl! The album was always destined to be in this format and was very much created with vinyl in mind. It’s the only way to appreciate Shaun Blakes‘s gorgeous artwork for a start.

Here’s the link if you’d like a copy at a very reasonable £20: https://gep.co.uk/products/light-up-orange-splatter-vinyl
Not sure how long it’ll be available at that price. Certainly we won’t be able to match it on our merch stall at gigs.

In other news… we’re planning to film our Cropredy set and capture the amazing audience so, if you’re coming, it would great to see a friendly face down the front!! 😁

And… we’re off to Norway in September!. We so we’re thrilled to announce that Meer have invited both Solstice and Ebony Buckle to Norway to play Pulterkammer Festival at the Hamar Theatre on September 16th!! Thank you MEER!” – Solstice

A quick update on Glastonbury… yes we’re back again this year! We play Toad Hall at 11pm on Saturday night. Amazing!!

But also… our drummer, Pete Hemsley, will be playing a solo set at 2am Thursday night featuring music from his Beauty Of Time album. That’s going to be just perfect for the small hours. Join us if you can. – states the band

Because of the extremely low ‘open rate’ with Hubspot email platform we’ve had to bite the bullet and pay for Mailchimp, so our apologies if you’ve already read much of the following news… There are a few extras below though including a track from the Marquee 1985 

There’s so much to tell you about since I last wrote!

Since then, we’ve filmed new videos to help promote Light Up, played the iconic Poppodium Boerderij in the Netherlands, wrote and demoed new music, played a mini-tour with La Maschera Di Cera and got ourselves booked for yet more amazing shows for both this year and next.

So I’ll begin with our four new videos filmed at the stunning Grand Chapel Studios and funded by our amazing Guardians, without whom we simply couldn’t do any of this. If you’d like to find out more about our Guardians, or just buy the band a coffee , please pop over to our ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/solsticeprog

New Videos

The video shoot was once again directed by the brilliant Mark Jepson ably assisted by the very young and super talented Harry Holt and Jonathan Clay on cameras. We shot video for “Light Up,” “Mount Ephraim,” “Wongle No9” and “Bulbul Tarang” which we’ll be releasing over the coming months. Watch the first one below:

Here’s a few stills taken by the studio owner and engineer, Anneliese

The Boerderij

I’ve waited many a year for the opportunity to play this show and believe me, we weren’t disappointed! What an incredible venue! It’s one of those magical rooms that feels immediately welcoming and sounds incredible thanks to great acoustics, superb production and a dedicated crew. Much like Veruno last year, we were so well looked after by a wonderful team of volunteers and a core professional crew who went so far above and beyond, particularly when things went pear shaped during the show.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Andy Glass here: https://progrockjournal.com/interview-exclusive-interview-with-andy-glass-from-solstice/

Read our review of the album “Light Up” here: https://progrockjournal.com/review-solstice-light-up/

Purchase a CD copy here https://gep.co.uk/products/solstice-light-up-cd

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