[News] Sommor and Guerssen to reissue the album “Nr. 1” by the German band Grave

Ultimate Kraut basement Hard Rock Garage monster, originally released as a small private pressing edition of 100 copies in 1975.

Originally from Brinkum (near Bremen), Grave was formed in a basement in 1975. Using a primitive tape recorder and just two mics, six tracks were recorded live at a makeshift studio located at the Brinkum Jugendhaus (Youth Center) in summer 1975, resulting in the “Grave Nr. 1” album.

Grave’s music is raw, sincere, melancholic and unadulterated.

*Original artwork
*Sourced from the original masters
*Insert with liner notes / photos
*Download card including bonus tracks

Stream the official promo video through the YouTube player below:

Stream the track “Ohrwurm” through the YouTube player below:

Pre-Order the Splatter LP Version here: https://guerssen.com/product/nr-1-splatter-lp/

Pre-Order the Limited Hand-made Edition LP here: https://guerssen.com/product/nr-1-hand-made-edition/

Pre-Order the Black LP Version here: https://guerssen.com/product/nr-1/

Side 1: 1. Morning Sun – 2. Imitations – 3. The Hunter
Side 2: 1. Ohrwurm – 2. Please, Günter, Play The Bass – 3. Little Giant

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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