[News] Sonum X finish work on new LP “Metamorpher”

Italian Heavy/Psych trio Sonum X are proud to announce that production work on their new album is complete. December 2022 will see the release of “Metamorpher,” a new eight-track sonic journey that continues the exploration begun in 2016 with the first self-titled EP and continued in 2019 with the release of the first full-length “Purifire.”

Metamorpher” was brought to completion in spring 2022, while in October the recordings were completed at the Digitube Studio in Mantua. With this record, the band evolves its sound by proposing a more straight genre, but without abandoning the psychedelic territories that return in every track, combining a modern style with much more vintage sounds. The lyrics speak of images, feelings and stories that are totally subjective: they remain, as always, multifaceted and enigmatic, impossible to interpret univocally.The mother ship has arrived. We await you on board.


01 – Intro.Version
02 – Metamorpher
03 – X.@.N.@.X.
04 – Dust N’ Bones
05 – Signals From The Future
06 – Lost In Space
07 – 5th Avenue Lights
08 – Outro.Solution

Sonum X are a Heavy Psych/Stoner band from Mantua. The trio made up of Matt Saturn (drums/vocals), Andrea Bombaci (guitar/vocals) and Marco Zerbinati (bass) plays massive Stoner Rock that spans a wide range of genres, from Psychedelia to the most crystalline metal, passing through Grunge to Darker sounds that wink at Ambient and Industrial Music.

They made their debut in November 2016 with their eponymous EP, which immediately received positive feedback from industry publications.

June 2019 saw the release of their first full-length “Purifire,” which led the trio to perform a fair number of powerful and Psychedelic live shows around the peninsula.

Today they return with their newly released third album “Metamorpher,” out in December 2022.

Sonum X is an introspective journey where anguish, artistry and a passion for music mingle to create this insane sonic unknown. An amazing journey to the limits of individual perception.

Purchase and stream the album here: https://linktr.ee/sonumx

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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