[News] Source published the official music video for the track “Bitter” taken from upcoming album

American Progressive Rock trio Source are set to unveil their weaving riffs and immersive soundscapes to the world, with the release of their new album “Emergence” on October 13, 2023. The band published the official music video for the track “Bitter,” watch it through the YouTube player below:


Formed in 2013 Benjamin Gleason, Justin Mirarck and Pascal Faurie create consciousness-based music through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiment and mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is.

Emergence” is the bands 4th studio album and continues a lot of themes from their previous album “Ethereal Self.” “Emergence” is about rebirth, hope, despair, acceptance and letting go. 

Vocalist / guitarist Ben Gleason discusses the new album: “Emergence is about undergoing a huge transformation in the way I see the world because of my experiences during COVID. It starts with an expression of the freedom, and hope that I experienced during lockdown. I had just moved to the mountains and lockdown was kind of like a long wilderness vacation for me. I hadn’t experienced that much time off and that little responsibility in close to a decade. That experience showed me a new level of happiness which I didn’t know was possible and it inspired me.

From that place I was able to do a lot of analysis on my early life and how it shaped me. I was able to find a new perspective on who I am. When lockdown ended and I had to reintegrate into society I was overcome by sadness, depression and anxiety because of how disconnected and hostile everyone had become towards each other. I had a very hard time finding happiness again after lockdown and it took almost two years. In that time I learned the true value of connection with other people and the power that art and creativity have over despair. Because of those experiences I also learned how to forgive those who have wronged me and who made me seek solitude throughout my life. The album ends with a story of acceptance and letting go.”

Entwining intelligent composition with melody at the core, you can hear a wide range of influences including Tool, Opeth and Chevelle.

Their debut album “Return To Nothing was released in September 2016 on Pavement Entertainment  and received a hugely positive response from music fans and press. Accolades included being named Metal Nexus’ #1 best album of 2016 and heavy Music HQ’s #9 best Progressive Metal album of 2016, and their video for single “Memories of Yesterday” was supported by Axs TV, Promo Only, Club Com network and many more.

The success of the record earned them opening slots on tours with Hellyeah, In Flames and From Ashes to New, firmly establishing them in the US rock scene. 2019 saw the band release their stunning second album “Totality.” Their third album “Ethereal Self” was released in 2021 and is based on rejecting the conditioning through fear that is forced on people from government, religious and media institutions.

Purchase the track “Bitter” on bandcamp: https://listentosource.bandcamp.com/track/bitter


1. Crack In The Shell
2. Emergence
3. Vesica (The Path In)
4. The Impulse
5. A Path Out
6. The Betrayal
7. Bitter
8. Snoodle Goo
9. Goose Noodle
10. Mandala

Tour Dates:

 Oct 18 – Lincoln NE: Duffy’s Tavern
Oct 20 – Madison WI: Dark Star Art Bar
Oct 21 – St. Paul MN: ROK Bar
Oct 22 – Chicago IL: Livewire
Oct 25 – Grand Rapids MI: Pyramid Scheme 
Oct 26 – Akron OH: The Rialto Theater
Oct 27 – Pittsburgh PA: The Fun House
Oct 28 – Mechanicsburg PA: Lovedrafts
Nov 1 – Cincinnati OH: Northside Tavern 
Nov 2 – Louisville KY: Mag Bar
Nov 3 – Centerville OH: The Hidden Gem Music Club
Nov 4 – Dubuque IA: Smokestack
Nov 5 – Omaha NE: The Drinkery
Nov 11 – Denver CO: Herman’s Hideaway 
Dec 1 – Grand Junction CO: Mesa Theater
Dec 2 – Salt Lake City UT: The DLC
Dec 3 – Reno NV: Cellar Stage
Dec 4 – Eugene OR: John Henry’s
Dec 5 – San Jose CA: Venue Pending
Dec 6 – Fresno CA: Fulton 55
Dec 8 – Phoenix AZ: Pub Rock Live
Dec 9 – Farmington NM: Lauter Haus

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