[News] Southern Empire unveil the official video for second single “Hold On To Me” from upcoming album

Southern Empire recently announced the new album, “Another World,” due out on September 04, 2023 on GEP Records. It’s been five years since their last offering “Civilisation” made such a big impression on the music press and fans alike and now the band have again created a masterpiece of musicianship and production.

You can now Pre-Order “Another World” here:
CD: https://gep.co.uk/products/another-world-pre-order
& Orange Marbled Vinyl: https://gep.co.uk/products/another-world-orange-marbled-vinyl

Today, the band share the second single from the album. Watch the video for “Hold On To me” through the YouTube player below:

Sean Timms had this to say about the new single:
From the very moment Cam Blokland, our exceptional guitarist, strummed the opening chords of ‘Hold On To Me,’ I was filled with the certainty that we had stumbled upon something extraordinary – one of the finest songs we would ever record.

The sheer brilliance of Cam’s lead vocals, complemented by the mesmerizing backing vocals from Shaun Holton, our new front man and rhythm guitarist, left an indelible mark on my mind. As the last note faded away, I knew ‘Hold On To Me’ wasn’t just another track; it was destined to be a hit.

The emotional depth and captivating melodies woven into the song have an undeniable power to linger in the hearts of listeners long after the music stops. ‘Hold On To Me’ is an unforgettable masterpiece that showcases the immense talent and chemistry of our band.


  1. Reaching Out (4:17)
  2. Face The Dawn (12:45)
  3. Hold On To Me (6:31)
  4. When You Return (6:20)
  5. Moving Through Tomorrow (10:23)
  6. White Shadows (19:23)
  7. Butterfly (4:25)


Shaun Holton / Lead and Backing Vocals
Cam Blokland / Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals
Jez Martin / Fretted and Fretless Bass
Brody Green / Drums, Hand Percussion, Backing Vocals
Sean Timms / Keyboards, Programming, Lap Steel Guitar, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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