[News] StartTheMonkey unleashes its anger against Western governments in the new video for “Why”

Hellenic Doom Metal band StartTheMonkey has released “Why,” the angriest track on the forthcoming full-length “Urban Psyche,” due for release on May 05, 2023 via Electric Talon Records.

As the EP’s opening track, “Why” clearly shows that the EP’s atmosphere will be dark and filled with rage. The combination of slow, aggressive riffs and Iasonas Gousas‘ furious vocals make “Why” a unique experience for listeners. The song is about projecting anger towards hypocritical Western governments, while the lyrics stem from the feelings triggered by the song itself. In the video for “Why,” StartTheMonkey use stock footage to show the brutal nature of capitalism and the modern way of life that is often too normalised.

Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

With “Urban Psyche,” StartTheMonkey points out that there is a special kind of gloom and depression associated with living in an urban reality. The band emphasises that it is not a question of common depression, but of specific emotions that pull people away from individual serenity, to the point of ruining their lives. The state of depression places people in a kind of bubble from which they are afraid to escape. There is also an apparent anger directed towards depression and its causes.

Listeners will be able to understand how StartTheMonkey propose this escape once “Urban Psyche” is released.

Pre-Order “Urban Psyche” – available as DigiPak, Cassette and Digital: https://talonrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/startthemonkey-urban-psyche

StartTheMonkey is a Doom Metal band originally from Athens, formed in May 2017. After a series of line-up changes, the band now consists of guitarist Dionusis Kiamos, drummer George Papaioannou, bassist Manos Analabidakis and vocalist/flautist Iasonas Gousas. The band debuted in 2020 with a two-song EP entitled “The Start Of The Monkey.”

Due to the pandemic and especially the situation in Greece, StartTheMonkey could not bring their music to the stages, so they threw themselves into writing the full-length “Urban Psyche.” The album consists of seven tracks linked by the negative emotions one experiences in urban reality, taken from personal experiences or those of other people.

Urban Psyche” was written and arranged by StartTheMonkey. It was recorded by Dionisis Kiamos at A11 Studios. Mixing and mastering were performed by Kostas Gerochristos at The Audiocult Studios. The album is produced by StartTheMonkey. The artwork is by Haris Tsikleas.

Iasonas Gousas
/ Voice, Flute
Dionisis Kiamos / Guitars
Manos Analabidakis – Bass Guitar
Giorgos Papaioannou – Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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