[News] StriboG: published the track “Hear the peruns call” available for streaming

The Croatian Folk Metallers StriboG have posted on their Facebook page the videoclip for the single “Hear the perun call” taken from the upcoming album “Tvoje kraljestvo zeleno” Ou on January 2020.


Once we’ve lived in the time, when Gods were by our side,
Under sign of the Sun, proud at what who we are
Time has changed as we astray, dark clouds covered the sun
And the plague has appeared over the valleys of gold

Hear the thunder
Lighting is ripping the skies
To bring the power in our hands
and cease dark ages to rule

All the suffer that’s been brought at the soil of the elder ones
Made them kneel before the cross and renounce of their gods
All the temples burnt in fire destroyed to an ashes and dust
And soaked the ground in the blood of an ancient tribe

Hear the thunder
Axe is swirling through skies
With wind that’s blowing from far north
Hear the Peruns call

Soon the sun will shine to show the lights to these eyes
And the wind shall rise to blow dark clouds from the skies
In the fire will be burnt all the idols of gold


Nikola Mrksa – guitar
Sergej Simpraga – bass
Darko Cosic – drums
Ivan Mrkoci – guitar
Tomislav Živković – vocals
Dunja Zbiljski – flute

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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