[News] Sudler’s Row publish the third single “Danu” from upcoming album

Sudler’s Row publish the third single “Danu” (Danu is the most ancient of the Celtic gods. She was referred to as the “mother”. Here, in this piece, she is recognized as “Mother Earth”). This is the third track to be released from forthcoming album titled “Loose Enz” that will drop in early 2021.

Sudler’s Row is a Progressive Rock project from Delaware, USA featuring Nathan Ames (Guitars, Bass Guitar, all Instrumentation) and Anthony Mayan (Percussion). Anthony and Nate have jammed together off and on for years, but in early 2020 they began seriously recording Sudler’s Row tracks with the intention of forming a full band to go play live that summer to help promote this music. Then the pandemic hit… So, for now they are doing a lot of recording! Sudler’s Row’s music is being played on over 200 radio stations worldwide now. Their compositions have been described as artistic Progressive Rock, World, Fusion and sometimes Neoclassical. Sudler Row’s first instrumental EP “Frantic Empire” was released on 4/24/20. Their newest EP “Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, A Rock Tribute To Edvard Grieg” released 8/21/20. Forthcoming album “Loose Enz” will drop early 2021. “Sudler’s Row… a powerful, progressive instrumental rock experience that will lead you down a musical journey in your mind. Fall into the music!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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