[News] Suspiriorum release Blue Öyster Cult cover of “I Love The Night” and self-titled debut EP

Texan Occult and Classic Rock collective Suspiriorum (with members of Witchcryer, Destroyer of Light, Runescarred, Hinayana) present the lyric video for their new single and Blue Öyster Cult coverI Love The Night” exclusively on The Obelisk today. The song is taken from the upcoming CD version of their self-released debut EP “Suspiriorum.” 

Suspiriorum take their cue from bands like Italian Progressive and Cinematic Rock masters Goblin, while expanding their sound further to include inspiration from Occult Rock pioneers Blue Öyster Cult and Coven, as well as Prog Rock luminaries Opeth. Their luscious debut 3-track ranges from organ-driven Classic Rock to ominous synth-infused passages, and adept lead guitar work and catchy riffs, with sultry vocals from Suzy Colca. Highly inspired by the imagery of cult moviemakers Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, and Lamberto Bava, their songs deal with Occult rituals, zombies, and Giallo killers in one big celebration of the mastery and exploitation of the history of Italian horror films. 

Stream new track “I Love The Night” (Blue Öyster Cult cover)

The “Suspiriorum” EP was recorded and mixed at Red Nova Ranch by Jeff Henson (Clutch, High On Fire, Spirit Adrift, Duel) and mastered by Alberto De Icaza (Clutch, Dead Cross, Crobot). Artwork was created by David Paul Seymour (Conan, Municipal Waste, High On Fire) with CD layout and additional photography and art done by Erik Bredthauer of Necroblanca Photography and Design.

About the song, bassist Joseph Maniscalco declares: “I knew in my heart that BOC was the right band to cover, but I didn’t want to be another band that does, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (an amazing song). It had to be something that spoke to me and spoke to the project. My sort of mission statement for the band’s sound is where horror soundtrack meets classic rock. I listened to the album Spectres and the final track, “I Love the Night” hit me like a wall. ‘I Love The Night’ is a great sentiment about feeling drawn toward horror. When I heard the first mix of our version it came out exactly as I heard it in my head and I cried. I still feel that way every time I hear it and thought the emotional attachment is personal and mine, I hope that people listening can feel the magic I felt or discover some of their own. This song feels anthemic for the outcast horror fan, attracted to the beauty in the dark, and I think it will always feel that way for me.

Debut EP “Suspiriorum” Available now on Bandcamp – STREAM IT CD preorder coming soon

1. Regina Di Sangue (04:54)
2. Mother Suspiriorum (03:47)
3. The Dark Knows (04:00)

After leaving Hinayana, bass player Joseph Maniscalco set out with a vision to create a fusion of two beloved things: Horror Movie Soundtracks and Classic Rock. Armed with the inspiration of groups like Goblin, Blue Öyster CultCoven and Opeth, a niche was found and created. The ashes of an ending situation became the fire of a new one. Demos were written and given to musicians from Austin bands to expand upon and create a full-blown EP of unique compositions. Suspiriorum features Tim Driscoll on lead guitars (Runescarred, A Good Rogering), Suzy Colca on vocals (Witchcryer, Temple of Love), Steve Colca on rhythm guitars (Destroyer of Light, Temple of Love) and Joseph Maniscalco on bass and synth (Ex-Hinayana).

Joseph Maniscalco
/ Bass and Synth
Suzy Bravo / Vocals
Tim Driscoll / Lead Guitars
Steve Colca / Rhythm Guitars
Adrian Voorhees / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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