[News] Svart Records to release “Studio Live” by Vesa Aaltonen Prog Band on March 2022

Vesa Aaltonen, known as the drummer of Tasavallan Presidentti and numerous other bands and projects, has recorded a new album with his bands in complete silence. The album, which will be released in March 25, 2022 contains new versions of the classic songs of Tasavallan Presidentti, Made In Sweden, The Group and Pekka Pohjola, the creation of which Aaltonen has been influencing at the time.

On the new album, Vesa Aaltonen’s Prog Band will take care of most of the playing side, with musicians from the slightly younger generation shining alongside their beak man. In the line-up, Jari Heino, who is already considered a veteran, plays the bass, Jere Haakana spells the demanding guitar parts of the songs, Ilmari Rönkä is responsible for the saxophone and flute parts, and Juha Kuoppala, who is familiar with many projects behind the keyboards.

Aaltonen had been planning to make a studio record with his band for a long time, but in the middle of the musicians’ countless projects, time was always on the card. As the disease situation emptied the musicians ’gig calendars, the project quickly refined to a practical level.

The album of the drummer legend has gathered a familiar and well-known group of visitors. With three songs by Tasavallan Presidentti (Lounge, Milkyway Moses and Bargain), Aalto‘s former band colleague Jukka Tolonen pops up the bass instead of the guitar. Jukka Gustavson was attracted from the ranks of his contemporary competitor Wigwam to become a session singer, and as a cherry in the cake, Jarmo Nikku has taken up the acoustic guitar in a few songs. Although Gustavson sings almost half of the album’s songs, the sound of the younger generation has also been immortalized in the release, as singer Ella Tepponen versions two great Made In Sweden songs “Sometimes” and “Where Do We Begin.”

Stream the first single “Tell Me More” feat. Jukka Gustavson through the YouTube player below:

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  1. Tell Me More (Tasavallan Presidentti 1971)
  2. Manhattan Vibes (Made In Sweden 1976)
  3. Sometimes (Made In Sweden 1976)
  4. Lounge (Tasavallan Presidentti 1972)
  5. The Sighting (Pekka Pohjola 1979)
  6. Deep Thinker (Tasavallan Presidentti 1970)
  7. Vapour Trails (Pekka Pohjola 1979)
  8. Where Do We Begin (Made In Sweden 1976)
  9. Gado-Gado (The Group 1978)
  10. Milky Way Moses (Tasavallan Presidentti 1974)
  11. Bargain (Tasavallan Presidentti 1972)
  12. Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa 1969)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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