[News] Swedish Prog Rockers Time Dwellers release new Single “Let’s Get Happy”

By following their critically acclaimed debut “Novum Aurora” (2022), Swedish Progressive Rockers Time Dwellers release today new music as a sign of their forthcoming album currently “work in progress” and marks an exciting step in the band journey and trademark.

Says the band: “Attention fellow Dwellers! We are very excited to reveal to you our new single “Let’s get happy”! The song takes you on a musical trip filled with sixties vibes on a quest to find inner peace and happiness. This is a standalone single but don’t count us out for too long! When you least expect it, something new comes along…so you better watch your feet!

Time Dwellers is the brainchild of former Graviators guitarist Martin Fairbanks and multi-instrumentalist and singer Kristofer Stjernquist. Formed in 2017, the Time Dwellers blend anything from Rock to Prog, Funk, and Jazz to compose a potpourri of songs that are still coherent and cohesive. Their first full length “Novum Aurora” showcases a musical landscape filled with mellotron, 12-string guitar, synthesizers, grooving rhythms, thrilling guitar solos and imaginative existential lyrics delivered from a whisper to a lion’s roar. In a world that’s growing more cynical by the minute, where popular music, at the same rate, is getting saturated and bland, the Time Dwellers set out to put a blanket around you and soothe your aching soul, while not fearing any musical limits and borders.

Give ear to the new single “Let’s Get Happy” and stay tuned for more news to follow soon:

Kristofer Stjernquist / Lead vocals, Mellotron, Synthesizers, Pedal Bass, Electric Bass, 12-String Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Martin Fairbanks / Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Henrik Bergman / Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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