[News] Swedish Psych Rockers Nepal Death drop official music video for “Sister Nirvana”

Brace yourself for an electrifying journey as the Hippie Psych Rock collective Nepal Death launch their new single and video! A young hippie girl, fueled by her dreams of becoming a dancer, takes a chance and ­ventures to a dance audition, only to find ­herself ensnared by a dangerous death cult, with her dance moves as her only defence.

Watch “Sister Nirvana” through the YouTube player below:

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The music video pays homage to B-movie horror stories from the seventies, featuring ­captivating dance sequences and a gripping storyline. ­Directed by filmmaker Emil Dorbell and penned by Nepal Death‘s frontman, Anders Hallberg, the video was shot on location in an old strippers’ joint featuring real actors and a horde of evil groovy cultists. The song is a pulsating empowering Psychedelic Rock anthem ­aiming for cosmic dancefloors in all dimensions. Like a ­marriage of the vibes from The Rolling Stones”Gimme ­Shelter,’ and the aura of up tempo The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The track encapsulates the essence of the early trippy seventies, featuring Psych guitars, backward sitars, infectious basslines and a rhythmic drum groove… All interwoven with massive organ and magical flute melodies.

Nepal Death is like a transcendent 1972 VW bus voyage along The Hippie Trail. This Swedish musical collective is painting a vibrant auditory tapestry reminiscent of the era of free love, all set against the mysterious backdrop of death goddess Kali Ma. Their music beckons listeners to ­c­ontemplate the metamorphosis (or end) that await them beyond the ultimate destination of Kathmandu.

Cory Berry
(Drums) | Anders Hallberg (Vocals)
Felix Pastucha (Organ) | Bosse Pettersson (Guitar)
Pontus Pettersson (Guitar) | Max Söderberg (Bass)

Nepal Death |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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