[News] Syk sign contract with Season Of Mist to release their new album “Earthflesh”

Italy’s Syk are excited to announce that they have signed a deal with Season Of Mist for the release of their upcoming fourth album, “Earthflesh,” sometime next year. The latter is currently in mixing phase at Fiery Water Recording Studio. More info coming soon.

the band states on their official Facebook page:

There’s a lot to write about today!!!

First of all we can finally announce that we signed a deal with Season Of Mist to release our upcoming fourth album “earthflesh” sometime next year.

We’re so excited about this new deal that words just can’t describe it.

This happened due to some significant changes that took place within syk since the ‘Pyramiden’ release.

At first Mauro Maraldo had to leave the band for personal reasons which left the band without drummer for a while but friendship still goes on.

On the other hand after 10 years spent with the band DalilaKayros found herself in the need to find more focus for her personal and main project.

So she painfully decided to leave the band…at first we found ourselves totally lost. Losing Mauro and Dalila at the same time hitted just hard.

But since ‘syk’ as an entity has always been based on changing I decided together with my fella’ brother Marcello to reinvent the band from scratch and we did it. So after a decade, three albums and many gigs around Europe we had to burn the ashes of what was to open ourselves for a new beginning.

We’re glad to finally share the new line-up with Stefano Ferrian (vocals, guitars), Marcello Cravini (guitars), Alan La Roca (bass) and Federico Leone Drummer (drums).

…let us say, things are shaping quite dense around here. ‘eartHFlesh’ is gonna be pure fury.

Last but not least many thanks to Alessandro Castelli and K2 MUSIC MANAGEMENT for guiding us through the process!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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