[News] Team Hoss released their new stand-alone single “Mullets & Muscle Cars”

Hobart, Indiana based Stoner Rock/Doom Metal band Team Hoss released their new stand-alone single “Mullets & Muscle Cars,” released on May 10th, 2023. Purchase and Stream the track on Bandcamp:

Mullets & Muscle Cars” is available now on SpotifyBandcamp and other digital platforms!

In days of old when men were men a mighty band was forged. This quartet of debonair Stoner Rock hero’s was dubbed Team Hoss. Since the year 2000 A.D the group has sonically raped and pillaged their way across planet Earth like a Mongol horde on meth leaving a trail of broken hearts and bleeding eardrums in their wake. Women want them, men want to be them and hippies fear them. After a brief hiatus for summer raids the Rock and roll berserkers have returned home to the southern shores of Lake Michigan releasing their latest EP “Molten Riffs Of Fury.” A compilation of Sabbathesq riffage worthy of RJD and Lemmy Killmeister RIP. Get your daily dose of ferocious Fuzz here!

George Pavel
/ Lead Guitar and Vocals
Adam Reissman – Guitar
George Mohoi / Bass
Todd Dornick / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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