[News] The Dali Thundering Concept publish the official music video for “God is Dead + Long Live Man” from upcoming album

The Dali Thundering Concept publish the official music video for “God is Dead + Long Live Man” taken from upcoming album “All Mighty Men,” watch it below:

All Mighty Men” is an adventure story that tells the tale of Barry the Straw using keys from ancient and modern odyssey. Between The Lord of the Rings and Sausage Party, this album will make you reflect on the culture of “single use” and more generally on the environment and the place of Humanity in our world.
The trip begin on June 4, 2021 with a 1st single.

The Dali Thundering Concept is a French quartet founded in 2010, offering a symbiosis between the brutality of Deathcore and the aerial phases of Progressive Metal. After having experienced Art and its evolutions in an EP entitled “When X Met Y” in 2012, the group unveils their first album, “Eyes Wide Opium” in 2014, which then allows them to make a place for themselves among the references of Modern French metal.

It was from 2015 that the group really crossed the borders of France, with various tours and concerts across Europe, at renowned festivals in the community such as the UK Tech Fest or the Euroblast (DE) , and sharing the stage with pillars of style, such as Animals as Leaders, Jinjer, Tesseract, Protest The Hero, Between the Buried and Me, Leprous, Monuments, Heart of a Coward, Decapitated or Fit for an Autopsy.

After a reissue of his first EP “When X Met Y” in February 2016, TDTC challenged the scene in April 2018 with “Savages”, a concept album proposing a prediction of the consequences of our consumer society on our world. A resolutely pessimistic project anchored in a project of reflection on ecological problems, opening of debates, collective search for solutions.

In 2019, The Dali Thundering Concept gets back to work, seeking to break away from the traditional pattern of the music industry in which the group no longer recognizes itself. It is in a world hit hard by the pandemic that they will forge a new model allowing them to go further in the concept, gain independence and above all remove any intermediary between the group and the public.

They now offer you to accompany them in a new experience: All Mighty Men, Drifting through a Prosthetic Era.

ALL MIGHTY MEN – Drifting through a Prosthetic Era

All Mighty Men is an adventure story that using the codes of ancient and modern epics offers you to follow the incredible journey of a plastic straw named Barry the Straw. Halfway between Lord of the Rings and Sausage Party, this album offers you a reflection on the culture of “all disposable” and more generally on environmental issues and the place of man in our world.

Beyond the musical experience, TDTC is part of a new model of interaction between the group and its fans, revealing more projects, more music, more concepts, while remaining independent and artistically free.

To do this, the group is launching a Patreon community: The Dali Thundering Conclave.

The Dali Thundering Conclave is based on a monthly subscription allowing fans to fully join the adventure and support the group. The different contribution levels are € 3 per month and more, giving access to increasingly large rewards.

The “Patrons” will then be able to enjoy a multitude of exclusive content: making-of, live streams, preview access, exclusive merchandising, etc. – but also to be actively part of the project and to support TDTC in the development of its ecosystem.


The adventure of Barry The Straw, hero of the album All Mighty Men, crosses various backgrounds and brings the protagonist to meet key characters from the story. To introduce listeners to this universe, The Dali Thundering Concept will launch, alongside its Patreon page, a series of puzzles accompanying the single releases. These will lead participants to learn more about Barry’s epic, but also about the themes addressed by TDTC in the album, while getting a preview of visuals and other exclusives, including specific merchandising. These puzzles will be accessible to everyone and shown on TDTC’s web profiles and will cover the entire release of All Mighty Men.


The world is teeming with environmental initiatives, and if young people
generations are more and more sensitive to it, a poorly posed problem remains impossible to solve. In 2020, five musicians create the collective “Barry The Straw” (Barry la Paille) whose primary goal is to use cultural levers to raise awareness of issues


Barry is an anthropomorphic Cartoon character created to bring a playful character to the process. It then provides a perspective different from that of humans, impartial and reliable, questioning our lifestyles and consumption.

While straw is not the most devastating element, it is nevertheless one of the most representative of our impact on the environment.


To act in this direction, two Le Havre challenge themselves to cross France from the northern tip to the southern tip without any means of motorized transport.
Virtually accompanied by Barry, their objective will be to transmit information and their positive energy through a course and targeted actions.

By rediscovering French territories, our 3 protagonists wish to demonstrate that essentially local and waste-free consumption is not impossible, and that an awareness-raising adventure through workshops and events can be responsible.

Throughout their journey, they will collect testimonials from local initiatives working to protect the environment. The observations will be shared in the form of a photo and video logbook in real time on social networks.

Pre-Orders are open through Bandcamp: https://thedalithunderingconcept.bandcamp.com/album/preorder-all-mighty-men-release-12-11-2021

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