[News] The Mourning showing both Soul and Prog muscles with their brand new single “He Cries”

The human design is strange in a very specific way: It is based on psychological archetypes that seem to fit together like a lock and key. Unfortunately, however, this coding results in a paralyzing standstill: Some permanently radiate their emotional status, others permanently absorb such streams and reflect them as new parts of themselves. From this we have created the idea of a superperson: What if someone could not only take on our emotional distress, but also remove it from us in the process? Someone who not only cries with the mourners, but for them, as an emotional proxy, so to speak?

The idea persisted and still causes millions of people around the world to implore a divine power in the face of suffering and grievance, instead of taking matters into their own hands or persistently tackling those who are at the helm.

With “He Cries,” a rather melancholic song from the upcoming album “Hush” that flows into the ear like a black river, The Mourning turn their attention to precisely this seemingly universal human quirk. The prog metallers around the singing philosopher Johnny Ray and his constant duet partner Eliana Blanchard achieve something that one would not initially expect from Heavy Prog: Set in motion by the soulful intro of keyboardist Alex Nasla (ex Witherfall), the band opens the window to a soundscape in which the world’s cries of despair are forming mountains – in an acoustic beauty and harmony that is otherwise more likely to be created by combined chants of prayer, which the song is also faintly reminiscent of. And thus one thing quickly becomes clear: The Mourning are not questioning faith itself. They merely advocate that man-made problems should also be solved by us, not God.

It’s songs like this that can greatly empower us by bringing back to mind that we, too, possess the power of creation:

Blaze Brannock
/ Lost Child
Jack Granato / Man in black
Alex Sangiamo / Man in white

Special Guest:
Brandon Delpino
/ Bass

Get the single now: https://links.themourningmusic.com/hecries


What started out as a simple recording project of vocalist and composer Johnny Ray and drummer Jason Berlin (son of famous bassist Jeff Berlin) in Tampa, Florida, in 2017, became a journey of self-discovery, soon attracting kindred spirits until the band was complete with all-rounder Alex Nasla (exWitherfall, producer, vocalist and keyboardist), Italian musician and composer Francesco Pinter (guitar), lead vocalist Eliana Blanchard​ and guitarist Phillip Colacecchi.

After the release of their quite experimental EP “Theosis” in 2018, in which the band embarked on a journey to discover their true sound and a message of their own, The Mourning are now ready to present their first full-length album Hush, to be released on June 24, 2024. It shines thanks to a much heavier emphasis on guitars, including the use of slap guitar, grooving riffs, angelic classical guitar, face-melting guitar solos and much more in the band’s sound that was originally highly influenced by Opeth, Steven Wilson and Haken, as they underline: “On this album we also took the harmonies to the next level with the soulful vocals of Eliana Blanchard, giving the songs a much richer harmonic sound and unique sonic identity.” The striking energy between the contrasting voices elevates the experience beyond the one-dimensional atmosphere of the typical, inviting the listener to join the band on their turbulent voyage, on which they combine the cold precision of Progressive Metal with raw emotional energy: “We are trying to give listeners insight with the backdrop of a virtuous soundscape that opens the mind to new ideas, concepts, and inner growth. Some albums take your hand on its journey – Hush takes you on an introspective journey of your self.
And one thing is absolutely clear: This is only the beginning of a grand journey for The Mourning.

Leading the way was “Chaos Machine,” the first video single and album opener. Check out the video for the song featuring a guitar solo by acclaimed guitarist Charlie Robbins (Syncatto) now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj1dUyQ2d5E. Get the single now: https://links.themourningmusic.com/chaosmachine

The Mourning‘s first full-length album “Hush” is a Prog journey influenced by the greats of Progressive Metal, an album of self-discovery, observations about the nature of existence, societal ills, and overcoming adversity – out June 24, 2024, and ready to pre-save now at:

https://themourningmusic.com/product/hush-cd/ (physical)
https://links.themourningmusic.com/hush-album (digital)

1. Chaos Machine
2. The Mountain
3. He Cries
4. I Feel The Rain
5. Hush
6. The Wind
7. My Own Way
8. Cries Of The Mind
9. My Own Hell
10. Smooth Seas

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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