[News] The Oneira sign with Rockshots Records for new album “Injection”

Progressive rock band THE ONEIRA has inked a worldwide record deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of its third album Injection, coming out in early 2020 through the Italian label.

Led by the Greek multi-instrumentalist¬†Filippos Gougoumis,¬†THE ONEIRA¬†is a¬†multi-cultural project across Greece, Italy and Germany. The word¬†means ‚Äúdream‚ÄĚ in Greek, to symbolize the willpower of flying¬†across the universe with music.

Following-up the highly acclaimed albums ‚ÄėNatural Prestige‚Äė (2011) and ‚ÄėHyperconscious‚Äė (2014),¬†Injection¬†marks a further step towards a more mature and complex sound. Produced and arranged by¬†Filippos Gougoumis¬†and Oliver Philipps¬†(Everon, Delain),¬†mixed by¬†Christian Moss,¬†the album is an homage that visionary Greek composer¬†pays to positive vibes, authentic anchor against fear and sorrow.

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Rockshots Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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