[News] The Sigil published the official music video for their new single “The Shape Of Shadows”

Linköping, Sweden based Esoteric Rockers The Sigil published the official music video for their new single “The Shape Of Shadows” on May 05, 2023. Featuring members of Abscession, Throne Of Heresy, Blood Of Serpents, Rex Demonus, Zombie Destrüktion, Svartsippa and more. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The lyrics delve deep into the theme of unseen powers that rule us and the hidden, perhaps otherworldly forces that shape our lives. The song explores the idea that even those who appear to be in control may themselves be subject to a shadow power. Who controls the puppeteers?

The Sigil’s trademark sound is on full display, with a raw and unapologetic approach to rock that’s both timeless and contemporary. A new sense of urgency and purpose propels the band to new heights of creativity and expression.

The Sigil came about as a no-holds-barred expression to combat the musical fatigue of the founding duo. A shared interest in Folklore, history and the occult set the tone for both music and lyrics: melodic and memorable, yet often melancholy and haunting. In 2023, three new members were added, turning the project into a full fledged band. “The Shape Of Shadows,” like the previously released single “Spirit Of The Wild” serves as a harbinger of things to come as 2023 unfolds.

The Shape Of Shadows” is on the surface about the abuse of power and resistance to the same. But beneath the veneer, it poses deeper and darker questions touching on the idea of clandestine forces lurking in the background. Illuminati, occult sects vying to gain power and control. Who rules our rulers? And who are their masters?

Purchase the track on Bandcamp: https://thesigilband.bandcamp.com/track/the-shape-of-shadows

Thomas Clifford
/ Vocals
Tomas Göransson / Guitars
Henrik Albinsson / Guitars
Daniel Börefelt / Bass
Joakim Bergman / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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