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Press release of the magazine edited by Athos Enrile:

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The midsummer issue of MAT2020 has no live shows to tell, even if we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s try to list the topics in a schematic way, as always, many and of quality.

New album analysis:
Valentino Butti listened and commented:  a) “Bestie, uomini e Dei”, degli UBI MAIOR / b) “Gulliver”, by BERNARD & PÖRSTI / c) “New Beginnings”, by AMUZEUM

Andrea Pintelli experimented with the following works: a) “Chaos Island”, by ZANOV b) “Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion”, by Celeste c) “PROG RINASCIMENTO RETTILIANO”, anthology published by LIZARD

Luca Nappo proposes: a) “KARMATRAIN, di OUTSIDE IN b) “L’Enigma Del Capitale”, de Il Castello Delle Uova
Also for Luca Paoli double effort: a) “Grano”, by Marta De Lluvia b) “Desdemona”, by Rossometile

Max Polis remains on the Prog Rock from Italy: a) “Doing Nothing”, by Savelli e NoStress b) “Noises”, by habelard2

Alessio Secondini Morelli presents GRAVE T’s metal debut, “Silent Water”, while Evandro Piantelli is entrusted with the debut of THE IKAN METHOD, with “BLUE SUN”.

Mario Eugenio Cominotti focused on “Canto Fermo”, by ANATROFOBIA; Antonello Giovannelli on “IERI ED OGGI”, by INTONARUMORI;

Alberto Sgarlato proposes “The 7th Child” of the newly formed Acid Family;

Mauro Costa investigates ALFREDO MARASTI and his “ALTRI TEMPI”;

Edmondo Romano touches “his fellowmen” Notturno Concertante “, who released” Let them say “;

Marco Francione approaches the project “Y”, by Motus Laevus, while Athos Enrile presents “Gigaton”, by Pearl Jam.

Oscar Piaggerella offers a couple of articles related to each other, the review of “ALEXANDRINE” – Grice’s masterpiece -, and a meeting with Luca Calabrese. Some interviews allow us to focus on topics and characters to be discovered.

Enrico Meloni provides two topics: a) Interview with the Ottone Pesante band; b) Interview with Jeff Wagner, author of “Prog Metal – Quarant’anni di heavy metal progressivo”

Athos Enrile highlights another young talent, the violinist Stella Manfredi and Andrea Romeo talks to us about the Ayreon.

Debut on MAT2020 by Alessandra Murgese, who designs a reference figure for pop rock, PRINCE.

Antonio Pellegrini takes us back to 50 years ago, when the Beatles disbanded, while Antonello Giovanelli brings to the fore the prog newsstand of Angela and Gianluca, located in Bologna.
An interesting technical commentary for pianists – introduced by Athos Enrile – that of Marco Sicco, who describes the profession of the piano tuner.

As usual, the columns, cited last because they are stable elements of MAT2020: a) The “Digital Art” by Cristina Mantisi; b) The pearls by Riccardo Storti (the 1st part of the analysis of “Cloud Nine”, by George Harrison); c ) “New Millennium Prog” by Mauro Selis (Australia, 9th part); d) “Psycomusicology”, curated by Mauro Selis
What else to add … all that remains is to scroll through the pages and look for news and confirmations, waiting for a return to normality … we don’t know the word “stop”, help us spread the word of good music!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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