[News] The Sword publish the single”Daughter Of Dawn” from upcoming album

Progressive Doomers The Sword publish “Daughter Of Dawn” from their upcoming anthology collections Chronology: 2006-2018 and Conquest Of Kingdoms. Originally only available as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Warp Riders (2010), the song serves as an epilogue to the album’s sci-fi concept narrative. Chronology: 2006-2018 is a three-disc CD bundle, which – in addition to the rarities – includes the band’s greatest hits and fan favorites across 52 tracks (12 previously unreleased). The set also features expansive new liner notes with contributions from the band. Both collections will be released on June 19th.

Comments vocalist/guitarist J.D. Cronise: “I’m very glad to have “Daughter Of Dawn” included on Chronology and Conquest Of Kingdoms because I felt that it never really got its due. Everyone’s playing is impeccable, and Matt Bayles really outdid himself on the production. It was a little outside of our comfort zone at the time, but I think it turned out great and was actually pretty prescient with regards to how our sound would evolve. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things we’ve ever recorded.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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