[News] The Voice and Sound of European Pink Floyd: the Big One in Varese

Friday April 01, 2022 at the Mario Apollonio Theater in Varese, a new live appointment with the Big One, the most important European Pink Floyd tribute band. The popular line-up, loved all over Europe and considered the most significant among those that reproduce the Pink Floyd repertoire, returns with a special show. Known internationally for the faithful reproduction of the sounds and arrangements of Pink Floyd, equipped with vintage instrumentation and a visionary light-show in harmony with the Floydian imaginary, the Big One bring back to the stage the show focused on “A Saucerful Of Secrets” (the second Pink Floyd album, 1968). The Veronese group will also revisit pieces taken from the entire Floydian repertoire in order to offer a real “treasure trove of secret songs.”

During the first part of the concert the band will propose a succession of songs taken from the first two albums and from the famous “The Dark Side of the Moon;” in the second set there will be a reinvention of the best of floydian music up to their latest “The Endless River.” Guitarist and leader Leonardo De Muzio states: “Almost every year we update the repertoire. Pink Floyd’s repertoire is so vast that we can afford to update it for most of the length of the lineup. This time we bring around a few songs from their debut. up to A Saucerful of Secrets. In reality, apart from a couple of songs from that album, we also propose earlier and later pieces, interspersed with more recent songs. We try to please – staying on the theme of the show title – even those who know only the songs that Floyd have become famous for. It is a treasure trove of secret songs which, however, I do not intend to reveal: the public will discover everything at our concerts.”

Born in 2005, protagonists of Italian and foreign tours that have consecrated them as the best Floyd tribute band in Europe, Big One have fifteen years of activity during which they have drawn heavily from the classics of the entire Pink Floyd production, ranging from psychedelic period of the early 70s up to the most recent albums, faithfully reproducing sounds and arrangements with which David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason and Rick Wright made Rock history. Di Muzio underlines: “We are the only Italian group to play this genre in Northern Europe, this flatters us a lot. We have become a true reference in those countries very different from Italy, where people know Pink’s music much more deeply. Floyd doesn’t just want to listen to hits and loves lesser-known songs.”

The Big One presents themselves with the septet staff (Leonardo De Muzio, Luigi Tabarini, Stefano Raimondi, Stefano Righetti, Marco Scotti, Debora Farina and Pamela Perez) and with the live-set characterized by an installation of sounds, lights and videos faithful to the Floydian climate, but above all with rigor and passion: “Over the years we always improve the repertoire, for quality and added details. We adhere, unlike many cover bands, to the true essence of the English group, to their best lives , to the real Pink Floyd. We put a lot of passion into doing what we offer to the public. Repeating the same notes is not enough to be a tribute band. Today many try, they understand that there is a good return, even economic, but few they succeed. You have to have that music inside and we modestly have it!

Purchase tickets here: https://www.ticketone.it/event/big-one-the-voice-and-sound-of-pink-floyd-teatro-di-varese-11959309/

Next appointment Thursday 14 April in Turin, Teatro Alfieri.


Leonardo De Muzio / Lead Guitar, Voice, Synth, Arrangements
Luigi Tabarini / Bass and Voice
Stefano Raimondi / Drums and Percussion
Stefano Righetti / Hammond Organ, Piano, Synth, Sequences, Voice

Special Guests:
Marco Scotti / Sax & Back Guitars
Debora Farina and Pamela Perez / Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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