[News] Trahir published the official live video for the track “Lichking X Witchqueen” from debut album

Prague, Czech Republic based Heavy Doom Metal band Trahir have the official live video for the track “Lichking X Witchqueen” from their debut album, “Whose Hearts Petrified,” out on December 1st, 2022. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The warm-up show from this years Prague Death Mass was a surreal experience. In the packed Hells Bells Pub, the heavy-doomer Trahir presented an outstanding intensive performance of their magic, fantasy and occult-infused set, which included »Lichking X Witchqueen«. Singer Adam dominated the audience and stage – and we invite you to get your VR-Set ready to dive right into an immersive tale of power!

Prague-based Heavy Metal band influenced by NWOBHM, Stoner and Doom. The band plays in a classic four-piece “Sabbath line-up.” Hypnotizing crowds with psyched riffs, catchy melodies and their wizardry. Easily recognizable between others waving magic staff and opening portals to realms of druids from hell. Heavy metal tunes all spiced up with the vibe of a wizards using their third eyes as a portal to the infinite well of the unknown to be unveiled. Supported locally many bands such as Candlemass, Hällas, Spirit Adrift, 1000mods, Ufomammut, Demon Head, The Hazytones and Castle.

Purchase trhe album on Bandcamp: https://trahir.bandcamp.com/album/whose-hearts-petrified


01. Lichking X Witchqueen 04:06
02. Blåkulla 05:52
03. Falconer 01:43
04. Knight’s Prayer 06:07
05. Mother Nibiru I 05:58
06. Rapture 05:46
07. Two Sisters 01:25
08. The Ruin 06:13
09. Mother Nibiru II 07:04
10. Amra 06:23
11. Breaking The Spell 02:30

Adam Balcar
/ Vocals
Jéňa Mašek / Guitars
Dan Friml / Bass
Martin Horčic / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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