[News] Trilobeat published the official video for the track “Červená/The Red” feat. David Kollar

Bratislava, Slovakia based Instrumental Progressive/Art Rock band Trilobeat published the official video for the track “Červená/The Red” feat. David Kollar taken from their latest album “Z​á​nikový horizont/Extinction Horizon” out on May 6, 2022. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Trilobeat is an emerging band based in Slovakia, which crosses borders with its new ambitious album and establishes cooperation with musicians all over the world. They create and perform genre-blending instrumental music supported by emotional visual projection. Their work has attracted music fans of Prog Rock, Nu-Jazz, Alternative and even Classical Music.

The main ideas of their art are various contemporary problems and crises of humankind – existentialism, unsustainability, insensibility but also aspects of life of each human being – love, sadness, misery or contentment in simple living.

Since its beginning in 2017, the band has released several singles and audio-visual recordings as well as an eponym debut in 2019, which established its spot on the Alternative Music scene. The band´s live performances have been broadcasted on national TV and singles have been included in playlists on several radio stations. The band also gave outstanding performances at festivals in Central Europe, while also holding more intimate events during their multiple club tours of their home-country, Slovakia.

The band’s second album, “Extinction Horizon” was released in 2022 via Hevhetia, a prestigious Slovak label with international reach. It boasts of a collaboration between both local and international talents featuring names such as Adam Holzman, keyboardist (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis, Trifecta), and David Kollar, guitarist (KOMARA, Steven Wilson, Erik Truffaz) in addition to the original lineup. The album is an impressive sound adventure, while their compositions combine variable electronic surfaces, a distinct piano sound and a rough rock background. The outstanding world-class sound quality of the recording was created in cooperation with the multi-genre Toronto-based producer, Vlad Avy (Iamthemorning, Gleb Kolyadin).

Unlike their debut, in which they looked to the past, with the new album they decided to explore current themes that resonate among society. The album takes its name from the black ash line that signals the demise of a civilization during archaeological excavations. Trilobeat offers a concept album that forms a unified musical narrative mapping the theme of the climate crisis and the fate of our civilization.

When composing, we tried to answer a question that was crucial to us – can instrumental music be a messenger of powerful current scenarios?” explains composer and pianist Jakub Mikula. Based on the reactions so far, the answer seems to be yes. But what is even more important – Trilobeat with its new work has brought an incredibly varied mosaic of feelings from contemporary times, which despite its complexity is listened to with unprecedented pleasure and lightness.

The original lineup: (Jakub Mikula / Piano, Katarína Mikulová / Flute and Vocals, Norbert Neuschl / bass, Marek Sasko – drums) has been expanded on the new album to include guests from both the Slovak and the international scene. The key to the album is the collaboration with guitarist David Kollar, unique music visionaire from Slovakia, author of excellent albums and collaborations with Steven Wilson, Erik Trufazz, Pat Mastelotto or Marco Minnemann.

Compared to the debut album, we experimented more with noises and field recordings, while also exploring a heavier sound. With some of the tracks we felt that David’s tone and unique style of guitar playing would fit perfectly,” explains Jakub, on the idea of approaching him. David ended up enriching three tracks on the album, with an epic solo enclosing the pilot single “The Red.”

We still can’t quite believe that you’re going to hear a keyboard solo from mastermind Adam Holzman on our new album,” he continues. “This genius has been an integral part of the evolution of the jazz-fusion scene and has played alongside such greats as Miles Davis, Marcus Miller and Michel Petrucciani. He has been a member of Steven Wilson’s band since 2011 and has recorded several award-winning albums with him. His solo on Moog synthesizer awaits you in the track The Black.”

The concept album will be visually supplemented by an allegorical music and film documentary, which is meant to provoke thoughts about our current way of life.

The visual aspect of our work has always been important to us,” explains Norbert Neuschl, bass player and designer of the band. “When composing the new album, we constantly had its cinematic expression in mind – an allegorical documentary, you could say. However, it was clear that we couldn’t handle the concept on our own, so we turned to filmmakers to help us transform the concept into reality.

The first chapter, “The Red,” is already finished and was used for the pilot single from the album. This unique music video is a combination of live and archive footage with collage animations.

Promo video for “Extinction Horizon” album: https://youtu.be/cw7vYkD3KhM

Purchase and Stream the album: https://lnkfi.re/ZanikovyHorizont

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