[News] Ujig feat. Marco Rigamonti and Alessio Bertalllot to release “ATTI(MI)” on September 29th

With “ATTI(MI)” Ujig and Marco Rigamonti try to construct the soundtrack of a contemporary story. It seeks to musically describe the inner state of human beings in the post-pandemic era and their own personal struggle to try to protect themselves from the general cultural flattening we are experiencing. The phrase from Tacitus’ uttered by Alessio Bertallot is a reminder of the substantial difference between inner peace and the annihilation of one’s spirit, a risk for everyone, no one excluded.

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The collaboration with Alessio had been in the air for some time and one of the ideas was to construct an improvisation to be performed live in which words and music would interact. Alessio proposed Tacitus’ phrase – Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant – taken from Publius Cornelius Tacitus‘ Agricola. The author has it uttered by the Caledonian general Calgacus when he is trying to instill courage in his troops before the battle of Mount Graupius against the Roman army. The sentence is taken from the speech in which he outlines a single alternative when faced with the Romans, insatiable rulers: either freedom or death. The sentence very pointedly describes the contemporary condition, often ignored or unconsciously experienced.

About Ujig:

Active since 2014, after having attended the courses of the Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz Clinics in Perugia, Ujig are a quartet formed by Edoardo Maggioni (piano, keyboards, moog), Marco Leo (guitar), Konstantin Kräutler (drums) and Cesare Pizzetti (bass, double bass), who took over from David Ambrosch this year. They make their discographical debut with “8 Out Of 8″ (2014), an experimental jazz work followed byThe Necessity of Falling” (2018), which seduces with its Prog suggestions.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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