[News] Ujig publish the official music video for “Pohjoinen” from upcoming new album

Ujig publish the official music video for “Pohjoinen” from upcoming new album “Ujigami” due out on October 8, 2021 via Luminol Records. Watch the official video for “Pohjoinen” through the YouTube player below:

Guardian spirits placed to protect a geographical area, tutelary deities of a community according to the Shinto religion, Ujigami give the title to the new album by Ujig, a quartet formed by Edoardo Maggioni (piano, keyboards, moog), Marco Leo (guitar ), Konstantin Kräutler (drums) and Cesare Pizzetti (double bass).

“During the pandemic, daily life has changed and is concentrated within the family, for better or for worse. The concept of ‘protection’ has radically transformed, and since music is an integral part of our lives, the new album also represents an appeal to safeguard the music itself and creativity”, comments Marco Leo.

Born after two years of intense work and mastered at legendary London’s Abbey Road Studios, Ujigami‘s compositions unfold between odd times (Mea and Pau, Yugen, Pokemon Shock), symphonic orchestrations with the Bow Tie Orchestra (Pojhoinen, Odota), sound synthesis between North African atmospheres that refer to Weather Report and the Syndicate of Zawinul (Gnawa), hybrids between tradition and experimentation (Ehiku, Tano, the latter with the star player Fabrizio Bosso).

The band continues: “We deeply believe that music should be created by men for men, and not simply generated by computers. In this way, the risk is to make rhythm become a mechanical question opposed to human rhythm, that is the heart beat. The nature of music is opposite to the simple concept of entertainment and we think it is fundamental for the intellectual and spiritual health of man, a tool in his hands to reunite with a universal beauty.”

Active since 2014, after having attended the courses of the Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz Clinics in Perugia, Ujig are a quartet formed by Edoardo Maggioni (piano, keyboards, moog), Marco Leo (guitar), Konstantin Kräutler (drums) and Cesare Pizzetti (bass, double bass), who took over from David Ambrosch this year. They make their discographical debut with 8 Out Of 8 (2014), an experimental jazz work followed by The Necessity of Falling (2018), which seduces with its prog suggestions.

They perform live in Italy, Austria and Germany, from Paolo Fresu‘s JazzAlguer to Millemiglia Musica at Castello Sforzesco in Milan and Sunny Valley in Santa Caterina di Valfurva, up to Lindau Jazz Club and Feldkirch Pool Bar Festival

Pre-order and Pre-save the album here: https://album.link/zdh74c4wk7fvn

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