[News] UK Progressive Rock iscovery Knim drops the official lyric video for “The Incongruity Of I”

Emerging UK Progressive Rock band Knim unveiled the official lyric video for their song “The Incongruity of I.” This captivating track is part of their EP, “When A Star Falls,” set to make a triumphant return via Wormholedeath. Watch the video through the youTube player below:

Created during the unique period of lockdown restrictions, “The Incongruity Of I” is a testament to the boundless creativity of guitarist Dennis Berry and drummer Peter Nicholson. Their collaborative journey began with home instrument recordings, which they ingeniously transformed into this sonic gem. The lyric video invites you into the heart of their musical world, where every word and note is a portal to another dimension.

Knim, born amidst the restrictions of COVID-19, blossomed from the creative minds of Dennis Berry and Peter Nicholson. Their original vision intertwined Heavy riffs, intricate time changes, and Progressive structures. As their sonic journey unfolded, they embraced atmospheric synths and lyrics that spin tales of fantasy. Their debut album, “When A Star Falls,” is primed for a global resurgence thanks to Wormholedeath.


01. Elysium (08:12)
02. Pathway (02:33)
03. The Incongruity Of I (04:46)
04. When A Star Falls (05:42)
05. A Prisoner On the Seas (Remastered) (08:14)


Andrew Mawer / Vocals and Keys
Dennis Berry / Guitar and Keys
Peter Nicholson / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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