[News] UK Retro Rock/Pop band Spidercat publish the single “Critical Mass”

UK Retro Rock/Pop band Spidercat publish the single “Critical Mass” on September 9, 2021 on their Bandcamp. “Critical Mass” is a Sci-Fi fantasy written by Badger about a character who’s an indentured labourer on an asteroid mining ship deep in the outer solar system. The ship is a rusty old hulk, the safety officer is dead, and the captain is stoned. It’s no surprise when the reactor goes critical and they have to escape. The B side of the single is about what happens when his escape pod lands on a paradise island planet.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://spidercat.bandcamp.com/album/critical-mass


1. Critical Mass (03:11)
2. The Beautiful People (02:05)


Badger Brewington / Bass, Vocals, and Keyboards
Ratty Hadders / Guitar
Doggy Dunton/ Drums

The band describes itself like this: “A bit about us. We are three guys who all live and work together on a small farm in Sussex UK. Our drummer, Dog, is our real life boss, he owns the farm. Badger is our vocalist, bass player, and also does the art for all our covers. I play guitar and do most of the production. We have the drums and amps and a crappy old PA set up in one of the barns and like to jam in the evenings. Pretty much all our music evolves out of these sessions.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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