[News] URBANproject published the official video for the track “Summer” taken from their new album

German Progressive Pop/Alternative band URBANproject published the official video for the track “Summer” taken from their new album “All Up” out on August 25, 2023 via Drops Music. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:


At the independent German Rock+Pop Award UP was awarded four times: best Alternative vocals, best Progressive band, best Alternative album, best Alternative song. Completely without self-congratulatory music business ringtale.

All Up,” the album points in the direction of Pop-freestyle in two parts. Logically, UP finally appears on two-sided vinyl LP! But there is more – simultaneous interlocking of Post-Punk and Jazz chord progressions, to which Prog Rock drum figures offer handholds in a richly invigorating way. The bass goes soul-deep, the guitars bead like friendly raindrops on dense foliage, light-giving and alarming at the same time. The voice is like a bildungsroman made real: sharp at the edges, soft in its empathic broadcasting joy, evocative, truthful, spun and soulful. “All Up” is 2023. What a feeling of happiness to be alive in this awakening phase. There are so many introspection options as never before. There have never been so many opportunities to memorialize the constructive as there are today. “All Up” contains all of that. And more. The opening track, “Sans Amour,” for example, with an intro that makes great pop music. Guitar notes like alarm clock rattles. Here’s how it starts.

All Up” is romantic in its melodic lines, gripping in its beats and cathartic in its lyrics. The band designed the album’s today sound with Julian Heyden, whose producer and sound sensibilities they rave about. These are ubiquitous throughout the album’s eight songs in the form of interjections, which are clearly the sonic appeal of the record. The attitude of the record, in turn, pays homage to the scene of early 80s London. It could have been made “off Portobello Road.” It’s the democratic view on music production means that makes ALL UP contemporary, spanning an arc between Early 80’s and 2023. Then, as now, there is no need for expensive technical gadgetry, no market-driven musical conformism, but ideas and visions to be able to create real musical alternatives for eternity. And widely branching artistic coordinates.


The song and sound rehearsal lab of the band is located in Düren with drummer Ben. Two years ago, he fortunately fell in with the band by chance. More than 6 years ago Yen and Urban met in front of the town hall in Aachen and decided to make music together. Originally thought of as a project with different musicians, the idea of a band had the band idea prevailed. A band gives continuity, home, relationship and gives a completely different feeling of working together. In the current lineup play, compose and produce UrbanProject for three years. With Julian Heyden, a former master student of the Popakademie, who is now starting out in Berlin the band has found a sensitive, patient producer.
The current LP was partly recorded in a converted boathouse in Mannheim harbor and mastered by Julian. UrbanProject has been working with the DROPS label in Aachen for three years. UrbanProject is an older band (all of them are over 40), alive in the experience of music. Creativity knows no age.
The fact that versatility does not mutate into arbitrariness with UrbanProject is due to the band’s musical performance.

Ben Overmanns (drums) energetic Timeimperative, trained in countless Tourenseiner Metal projects, hold the different ideas together and give them weight. Markus Proskes (bass, production) affectionate critical listening combined with deep bass self-understanding enables differentiated interplay and excellent productions. Yen Anetzberger‘s voice makes all the intermediate tones of life tangible-audible-changeable. Her song ideas are of immediate beauty, her expressive handling of the voice she passes on as a vocal coach, and Urban Elsässer‘s song ideas live from the search for the simple in the complex and vice versa.

The Aachen – Düren Progressive POP/ Rock Band URBANproject was awarded at the 40th German Rock and Pop Award 2022 in 4 different categories:

  • Best alternative vocals
  • Best Progressive Bandnn
  • Best Alternative Album
  • Best Alternative Song.

The award ceremony, held by the German Music Council/Rock and Pop Musicians Association at the federal level. thus honored the short story published on the EP and the artistic and playful potential of the band. The LP “All UP” is the successor to this EP URBANproject has worked for three years on this release, in the time flooded apartments and survived the Covid disaster. After two pre-release singles and videos, the new vinyl production is finally ready!

UrbanProject lives on the borrowed Jazz chords, carefully sprinkled here and there, rubbing up against Rock-riffs, from simple song structures to narrative forms.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://dropsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/all-up


01. Sans Amour 03:56
02. All Up 04:59
03. Zero One 05:10
04. Summer 04:26
05. Burn Out 05:10
06. Soul 04:48
07. Home 07:31
08. The River 02:26

Yen Anetzberger / Vocals
Urban Elsässer / Guitar,songwriting
Markus Proske / Bass
Ben Overmann / Drums

URBANproject |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Drops Music |Official Website|Bandcamp|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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