[News] US Heavy Psychedelic trio Kadabra share new single “High Priestess” from upcoming new album

Pacific Northwest Fuzz wielders Kadabra release a magnetic second single taken from their upcoming new album “Umbra,”, to be issued this October 06, 2023 on Heavy Psych Sounds. Get entranced by “High Priestess” exclusively on Doomed & Stoned!

About the song, vocalist Garett Zanol says: In a sense, this song describes the inevitable thought during early fatherhood of, will I be enough? Will I do it right? Should I run away? Will I do the same thing my father did to me? Will the mother of my child raise her alone like my mother raised me if my addictions consume me? Ultimately it’s terrifying to be a parent, and I wrote these words in the hypothetical sense that I was a failure, to ground me to the fact that I am indeed the exact opposite. It’s a weird method of reassurance and confidence to myself, but that’s kind of the way my brain works.”

Watch Kadabra‘s new video “High Priestess

Kadabra formed during the dark days of 2020 and were quickly signed by Heavy Psych Sounds, who released their debut album “Ultra” in the fall of 2021, establishing the trio’s penchant for crushing Heavy riffs and haunting vocals accentuated by bursts of Psychedelic flair and swampy Americana swagger. And while the chemistry of long-time friends Garrett Zanol (guitar/vocals), Ian Nelson (bass) and Chase Howard (drums) was apparent upon listening to their debut, their bond was further strengthened by relentlessly touring the western United States and completing a month-long tour of Europe.

The trio almost immediately began looking forward, road-testing and crystalizing the songs that would comprise their follow-up, which found the band reuniting with “Ultra” producer Dawson Scholz. The result is “Umbra“: a singular statement that is more focused and cohesive than its predecessor while managing to capture the immersive, free-flowing experience of their live show. For fans of Dead Meadow, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, All Them Witches.

Watch their latest video for “The Devil

Kadabra – New album “Umbra” out October 6th on Heavy Psych Sounds – Pre_Order here:

Album Pe-Sale: https://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm#HPS275

USA Pre-Sale: https://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop-usa.htm


  1. White Willows
  2. High Priestess
  3. Midnight Hour
  4. The Serpent
  5. The Devil
  6. Battle of Avalon
  7. Mountain Tamer
  8. The Serpent II

Garrett Zanol
 / Vocals and Guitar
Ian Nelson / Bass
Chase Howard / Drums

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Heavy Psych Sounds Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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